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Music Review: Baba Fela by Mr. Real ft Zlatan and Laycon

Baba Fela is a song by Indigenous rapper Okafor Uchenna Victor aka Mr. Real. Mr. Real is well known for his street slang. This is the remix of Baba Fela and it features talented Nigerian rappers like Zlatan and Laycon.

One notable thing about Zlatan is his ad-lib style. The lines he adds in the background when the song is being recorded are always hilarious and interesting.

All his ad-libs in this song are funny and interesting, notable lines are:

Wo ti jo toll gate (They have burnt tollgate.)

K’osi bi o se fe fagbo, o le fagbo to Naira Marley, wa choco, wa ku (There is no way you can smoke much weed like Naira Marley; you will run mador die.)

Honestly, Zlatan ad-lib made me love the song the more, Mr.Real’s dance moves kept my eyes glued to the video and Laycon was exceptional as well.

I must say, I love the intro in particular; it really caught my attention. 

View below

“Ko si be se je igbo, e le j’egbo to Naira Marley. That means, if you try to compete with Naira Marley in smoking weed/Marijuana, you will run mad or die. Lol. Naira Marley na master of Igbo. 

About the song “Baba Fela,” by Mr. Real ft Zlatan and Laycon

I am wondering what the real message of the song “Baba Fela,” is. Is it that the artists, especially Mr. Real were saying there are some people you can never outdo in life or you can’t go beyond usual limits, someone or something?

View below:

K’osi b’o se fe f’agbo, o le f’agbo to Baba Fela (There is no way you can smoke much weed like Baba Fela.)

Even though weed/marijuana is not legal in the country, from the above line, however, one can tell that the artists are saying you can outdo Baba Fela when it comes to smoking weed/marijuana

Who is Baba Fela?

Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti aka Fela aka Fela Anikulapo Kuti, was a popular Afro-beat Nigerian singer known all over the world. He was born on October 15, 1938, and died 

 August 2, 1997.

Fela was a fearless musician who boldly criticized corrupt government officials in his songs.

What is the song “Baba Fela,” remix by Mr. Real ft Zlatan and Laycon all about?

The song may be talking about the adverse effect of smoking marijuana and the need for people to desist from it. Also, the artists may be saying that there are some people you can’t outdo in certain things, or, there are some records you can’t break or some feat you cant achieve.

For instance, when it comes to smoking weed/marijuana, you can’t outdo Baba Fela; you just can’t wear his shoes. Fela aside from making good music was also an addicted weed smoker. He was also promiscuous, he had lots of wives, concubines, and children.

If you listen to the song, you will know that there seems to be a tone of impossibility, especially in Zlatan and Laycon’s lines

Lastly, the song is also a tribute to the late afrobeat master- Fela Kuti, his works, dance, beat, lifestyle, and personality. The various postures, dances, and facial gestures employed by those featured in the video were solely associated with Fela. And they performed it exceptionally.

Lyrically: The song comes in three verses taken by Mr. Real, Zlatan and, Laycon respectively. The song has no particular chorus, perhaps one can say “Baba Fela,” is the chorus, and it was taken twice by Mr. Real. The hook was taken thrice, majorly by Mr. Real. 

Most of the lyrics are punchy and some take a swipe at some of their colleagues, politicians, or those that are ruling Nigeria.

Laycon’s lines don’t really have anything to do with the theme of the song which is either impossibility or adverse effect of marijuana. What do you all think?

Meaning of some lines

“Toba lowo ma gba toll gate,” may mean that, since the government doesn’t consider people’s pockets or standard of living when they make a decision, their decisions would most likely affect the poor. This is because the Lekki Toll Gate fee which the artists are referring to is quite expensive. So, if you don’t have money, ma gba Toll Gate, that is “Don’t pass Toll Gate.”

Just Wondering

When Laycon sang “If you don’t like me too bad”, was he indirectly taking a swipe at Erica? As you and I know, both had issues while they were housemates at Big Brother Nigeria. In fact, Erica was disqualified from the show due to the stinging words he used on Laycon. What do y’all think?

Vocals: The artists sang in pidgin and Yoruba; a Nigerian language. They flowed well on the beat. They were consistent with their vocal quality. At some point, Laycon’s vocal was not clear.

Melody: So tuneful. I can’t stop playing this song. I find it difficult to delete from my phone. Baba Fela comes in a fast tempo beat. The rhythm flows well, and there was consistency in the style of rhythm. The major instruments in the production of the song include drums, local drums, piano, percussion, horn, harp, and guitar. The instrumentals are varied and none was conflicting.

Baba Fela Lyrics Translation by Mr. Real ft Zlatan and Laycon


Okay, daddy gbogbo wan; gege (Their father)

Ibile; Astala, astala, ayiiii

Mepele mepele mepele da; 

Mepele da (4x)

Corny Sir

Olohun (God)

Ah! Wo, ko si be se je igbo; e le je igbo to Naira Marley (There is no amount of weed you consume; you can’t consume it more than Naira Marley)

Olohun! You think I am joking with you (God! You think I am joking with you)

Rj, record me record me; moti binu tan (Rjay record me; I am totally angry)

Ehn, I will show you pepper (I will deal with you)

Mr Real; mo fe kala tan (Mr. Real, I want to be so wicked (musically)

Astala Astala ; j’omo (Astala; let them know)

Chorus ( Mr. Real)

Kosi be se fa’gbo (There is no quantity of weed you smoke)

Ele fa’gbo to baba fela; Baba Fela (That can beat the quantity Fela took)

Verse 1 (Mr. Real)

Pekele pekele, arugbo je gbese; talo ma san? (The old ones are in trouble, who would pay?)

Ijoba ma san; who go pay the money? (The government would pay; who would pay?)

S’oti gba Mopol ri? (S’oti gba mugo ri) (Have you hit Police/Soldier before?)

Enyimba wo la liga ri (Enyimba wo la liga ri) (Has Enyimba entered Laliga before?)

 S’ole mix jedi; ko fata gigun si pelu garri (Can you mix herbal drink with grounded pepper and gari)

Okay; wonti ya were (Okay; they have run mad)

Wonti je gbese (Wonti je gbese) (They are in trouble)


Toba lowo, ma gba Toll Gate (If you don’t have money; don’t pass Toll gate)

(Kini mo sofu e? O fe se kini?) (What did I tell you? You want to do what?)

Alaye; oya shi gege (Oya shi gegegegegegege)

Odayan mo, Mr real, Mr real (You can’t recognize someone; Mr. Real, Mr Real!)

Verse 2 (Zlatan)

Okay, ko si be se je igbo; e le je igbo to Naira Marley (There is no amount of weed you consume; you can’t consume more than Naira Marley)

If you try am, wa ku; wa choco (If you try it; you would die; you would run mad)

Wa ku, wa ehn (You will die; you will….)

J’omo, se oti ri were ri? (Let them know; have you seen a mad man before)

Wa ku, wa choco; wa wa ayiiiii (You will die, you will run mad; you will…)


Wo, t’oba je omo ase lo ‘n’ wa. O le ri ni ibi, ko t’ese mo irin (If you are looking for a novice, you can’t find such here, just keep moving ahead)

Ototo l’oro; epe mi ni oto lo ri (We speak differently; just call me the one that walks alone.)

Why t’ose gbe? Why t’ose gba? (Why did you carry it? Why did you collect it)

Wo no si e,o tun lo fa (You were given; you now went to smoke it)

Ah, o fe kolo mental; wo aye lode; oti dadakuda (You want to run mad; see your life; you have become worthless)

Ah, wo, ese lo mi yi (See your leg shaking)


Ah; wan ti je gbese; kilowi, kiloso (They are in trouble; what did you say?)

T’oba lowo ma gba toll gate (If you don’t have money, don’t pass Toll gate)

Wan ti to jo toll gate; lekki master (They have burnt Toll gate; Lekki master)

Oya shi gege (Oya shi gegegegegegege)

Odayan mo, Mr real, Mr real (You don’t recognize someone; Mr. Real, Mr. Real)

Chorus (Mr. Real)          

Kosi be se fa’gbo (There is no quantity of weed you smoke)

 Ele fa’gbo to baba fela; Baba Fela (That can beat the quantity Fela took)

Verse 3 (Laycon)

All eyes on my; no be 2pac (All eyes on me even though I am not 2pac)

Referee no dey give two cards (A referee doesn’t give cards twice)

Omo, who’s this wait; who’s that? (Who is this? Who is that?)

If you don’t like me; too bad

Who be winner? Ta le fe fun se (Who is the winner? Who do you want to give?)

Awon to ina to ina; o ti ko ina sira (Those that put on the light, have put light on the )

Onipe enugbe, but, xxxxxxxxxx (He said he is broke, but xxx)

Ara mi wa lona, se ni xxxxxxxx (I am in the mood, xxxxxxxxxxxx

Of La la,ose, moma ko owo wole (Of Lagos, thanks, I will bring in so much money)


E ko ese si, ke jo gyrate (Put your leg, and dance)

It is a vibe and I got it

Came through with the man them and the girls them, it’s an anthem.

And your girl wanna ride this

And your girl wanna vibe with this


Ni ibi bai, wan ti je gbese (In this place; they are in trouble)

Daddy gbogbo wan; t’o ba lowo ma gba toll gate (Their father; if you don’t have money, don’t pass toll gate)

Alaye, oya shi gege (Oya shi gegegegegegege)

 Odayan mo, Mr real, mr real (You don’t recognize someone; Mr Real, Mr. Real)


Kosi be se fa’gbo (There is no quantity of weed you smoke)

 Ele fa’gbo to baba Fela; Gbess (That can beat the quantity Fela took)

Hmmm hmm hmmm hmmm (8 x)

 Watch the video for the song Baba Fela remix by Mr. Real ft Zlatan and Laycon below

Duration: 3 minutes 49 seconds

Directed by DNellRemix

Watch the video for the song Baba Fela (Original) by Mr. Real

Duration: 3minutes 5 seconds

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