(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “White Elephant.” Starring: Michael Rooker, Bruce Willis, Olga Kurylenko, John Malkovich, Vadhir Derbez

(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “White Elephant.” Starring: Michael Rooker, Bruce Willis, Olga Kurylenko, John Malkovich, Vadhir Derbez, Michael Rose, Josef Cannon, Antwan Mills, Chris Cleveland, Jermane Jacox

“White Elephant,” is a 2022 American action movie. Honestly, that face Carlos Garcia (Acted by Vadhir Derbez) makes when his victim escapes is damn real!! Good job!!!

What is the movie “White Elephant,” all about? Here is the “White Elephant,” synopsis:

The movie “White Elephant,” was about a female police officer, Olga Kurylenko (Acted by Vanessa Flynn) that was marked for death, but found favor in the sight of a former Marine turned mob enforcer and hitmen trainer, Gabriel Tancredi (Acted by Michael Rooker). 

Gabriel discovered Olga shared the same date of birth, 2nd April, with his wife, Alexandar who died of cancer. 

Olga Kurylenko and her police officer colleague, Walter (Acted by Michael Rose) were marked for death by hitmen, Tancredi and Carlos (Acted by Vadhir Derbez). They were sent by their criminal boss, (and Tancredi’s longtime friend) Arnold Solomon (Acted by Bruce Willis) after the cops witnessed the hit on a Mexican gangster, and saw Carlos blow up the building.

Arnold wanted to eliminate all threats. Walter was killed, but when they went after Vanessa, Tancredi turned a new leaf. He resigned from his hitman job and tried to do things that are right realizing that that was what his wife wanted before her death.  

Tancredi’s resignation doesn’t go down well with Arnold as he sent Carlos and other shooters to kill Tancredi and Olga.

Will Arnold succeed in Killing his longtime friend Tancredi and the female police officer Olga? Find out here:

White Elephant Cast and Crew

White Elephant Cast

Michael Rooker acted as Gabriel Tancredi, Bruce Willis acted as Arnold Solomon, Olga Kurylenko acted as Vanessa Flynn, John Malkovich acted as Glen Follett, Vadhir Derbez acted as Carlo Garcia, Michael Rose acted as Walter Koscheck, Josef Cannon acted as Sensei, Antwan Mills acted as Detective Lanier, Chris Cleveland acted as Detective Daley, Jermaine Jacox acted as Scrapper, Lauren Boglioli acted as Tomi, Kraig Dane acted as Receptionist, Sasha Malarevsky acted as Vlady, Ski Carr, Gara Coffey acted as EMT, Desiree Hall acted as Newscaster, Daniel Chung acted as Employee, Joaquin Montes acted as Armed Man, Luke Lafontaine acted as Lafontaine, Bobby Hernandez acted as Mexican Gunman 1, Ramon Thomas acted as Mexican Gunman 2, Dave Thomas acted as Bruiser 1, Ron Surels acted as Bruiser2, Aden Stay acted as Bodyguard

White Elephant Crew

A film by Jesse V Johnson

Story by: Jesse V. Johnsons

Screenplay by: Jesse V. Johnson, Erik Martinez

Music: Sean Murray

Co-producers: Jon Keeyes, Mandi Murro 

Co-executive producers: Alexander Kane, Mike Donovan

Executive producers: David Gendron, Ali Jazayeri, Matthew Helderman, Tyler Gould, Luke Taylor, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Brian O Shea, Nat Mccormick, Giovanna Trischitta, Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, Deborah Del Prete, Johnny Messner, Gordon Bijelonic, Stephen J. Eads, Nina Podolska, Jeff Bowler, Bret Saxon.

Produced by: Corey Large p.g.a

Editor: Matthew Lorentz

Directed by Jesse V Johnson

In association with the Melaine Group, the exchange, Bondit Media Capital, Buffalo B, Yale Productions.

A 308 Ent Production

Bondlt Media Capital

RLJE Films

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