(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “There Are No Saints.” Starring: Jose Maria Yazpik, Shannyn Sossamon, Ron Perlman

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(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “There Are No Saints.” Starring: Jose Maria Yazpik, Shannyn Sossamon, Ron Perlman, Paz Vega, Neal McDonough, Keidrich Sellati, Tommy Flanagan, Tim Roth

What is the movie “There are no saints,” about? Here is the “There are no saints,” synopsis!

Just like the popular bible verse in Exodus 20:5 that says “The sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons,” so was former hit man’s sin Neto Niente aka Jesuit (Acted by Jose Maria Yazpik) visited upon his son, Julio Niente (Acted by Keidrich Sellati) and wife, Nadia Niente (Acted by Paz Vega.).

Jesuit was extremely brutal during his days as a hit man. One day, he, however, decided to turn a new leaf, and be there for his son. But, little did he know that starting a new life won’t be as easy as a child grabbing delicious snacks.

As soon as Jesuit was released from prison, all his enemies sprung into action. One of his enemies, Sans (Acted by Ron Perlman) first of all killed his wife, Nadia Niente, and then kidnapped his only son, Julio Niente to Mexico. 

Jesuit with the help of Inez (Acted by Shannyn Sossamon) found out where they kept Julio. They both went there, but Jesuit was unable to save his son. Sans made sure he watched his son die. Jesuit got a chance to free himself from those that bound him and killed all of them, including Sans.

What would be Jesuit’s next call of action? Find out here

 There Are No Saints Cast and Crew

There are no saints cast

Jose Maria Yazpik acted as Neto Niente, Shannyn Sossamon acted as Inez, Paz Vega acted as Nadia Niente, Neal McDonough acted as Vincent, Keidrich Sellati acted as julio Niente, Tommy Flanagan acted as jet Rink, Ron Perlman acted as SR. SANS, Tim Roth acted as Carl Abrahams, john Gilbert acted as Brian, Karla Souza acted as Collie, William Raymond acted as EL Maestro, Emilo Trujillo acted as Hijo De Sans, Leticia Fabian Cruz acted as Carla, Gustavo Sanchez Parra acted as Bailarin, Ricardo Mestre Fernandez acted as Waylon, Kristyan Ferrer acted as Yado, Armando Hernandez acted as Tadeo, Annuifo Reyes Sanchez acted as Cholo 1, Horacio Garcia Rojas acted as Cholo 2 , Emmanuel Aguilar Arreola acted as Cholo 3, Maria jose Medellin Urquiza acted as Female attendant, Alex Perea acted as Oscar, Raul Martinez acted as Weather Man, Ari Brickman acted as Priest, Hector Ortega acted as Priest 2, Erick Butcher acted as Boy, Renzo Lewis, Vincent Rivera, Michael Galvez acted as Border Patrol, Mark Rimer, Robert Madrid acted as Prison Guard, Rachel Noll acted as Ladybird Employee

There Are No Saints Crew

Written by: Paul Schrader

Produced by Alex Garcia, Santiago Garcia Galvan, Jose Martinez JR.

Executive producer: Paul Schrader, Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, Joceline Hernandez, John Morrissey

Associate producers: Angeles Morales Ordorica, Diego Banos

Music by: Heitor Pereira

Edited by: Dan Lebental, ACE. Debbie Berman

Executive producers: Lucas Akoskin, Katrina Wolfe, Gustavo Angel Olaya, Armando Lozano, Daniel Posada, Rodolfo Marquez, Ellen S. Wander

Co-producer: CTT EXP and Rentals

Produced by: ITACA Films

Directed by: Alfonso Pineda Ulloa


Year: 2022

Country: America

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

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