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The Wrong Valentine Synopsis

The Wrong Valentine tells the story of a pretty quiet girl, Emily (Acted by Mariah Robinson) who oftentimes loves to keep to herself, especially after her father’s death. Emily doesn’t keep/have too many friends. The only friend Emily has is Michelle (Acted by Jacki Vene). Emily’s mum, Ashley (Acted by Arie Thompson) tried to get her to mingle with others and do more activities aside from reading.

One day, a new student joins her class. His name is David (Acted by Evan Adams). David is charming and manages to charm Emily into loving him deeply. Emily’s teacher (Acted by Vivica A. Fox) is happy that she is beginning to loosen up a little bit.

Both David and Emily start an affair. For the first time in her life, Emily gets someone on a valentine. She introduces David to her mother, Ashley. In the course of the relationship, Emily discovers that David likes to creep on her and her mother. She also discovers that he was possessive and had violent traits. She tries to stay away from David, which her mother supports. But, David is filled with a vengeance, not because Emily is staying away, but because he feels Emily’s family is the main cause of his problem. 

Unknowingly to Emily and her mother, Ashley, David is a step-brother to Emily and a step-son to Ashley. Ashley did not know that her late husband had an affair with someone that produced offspring.

David suffered from abuse; his unstable mother did abuse him. He ended up hating himself, his mum, stepsister, and stepmother and blames them for his current condition. Now, David wants a pound of flesh. Will he succeed in hurting anyone? Will he prove not to be a wrong valentine?

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The Wrong Valentine Cast

Vivica A. Fox as Ms. Connelly; Mariah Robinson acted as Emily; Arie Thompson as Ashley; Evan Adams acted as David; Michael Bergin acted as Frank; Joy Bergin acted as Ms. Harrison; Meredith Thomas acted as Mrs. Stein; Jacqi Vene acted as Michelle; Jake Marlow acted as Pete; Chris Rouse acted as Detective Rick; Savira Windyani acted as Sara; Jazlyn Sward acted as Karen; Lea Cappelli acted as Jane; Daniel Joo acted as Dr. Wilson; Aidan Schenck acted as Ross; Ethan Karpel acted as Chandler; Jonah Weisner acted as Joey; Noah Anish acted as Richard


Written by: Robert Dean Klein, Jeffrey Schenck

Executive producers: Vivica A. Fox, Jeffrey Schenck, Barry Barnholtz, Zelma Kiwi

Director: David DeCoteau

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