(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: When Love Lingers starring Ray Emodi, Tana Adelana, Sandra Okunzuwa, Alex Cross…

What is the movie When Love Lingers all about?

Two workers, Bolaji and Amanda (Acted by Sandra Okunzuwa and Alex Cross) who work for different companies find out that their various bosses have the same character. 

Their bosses, Leonard and Kimberly (Acted by Ray Emodi and Tana Adelana) hate the opposite sex after suffering constant heartbreaks. 

Leonard is Bolaji’s boss while Kimberly is Amanda’s boss. Because of the hatred Kimberly and Leonard have for the opposite sex, they try to make their assistant, Amanda and Bolaji also hate the opposite sex. 

One day, Bolaji and Amanda come up with a plan to make their bosses, Leonard and Kimberly meet, date, and give love a chance one more time. 

Their plan was successful as Leonard and Kimberly ended up falling deeply in love with each other letting go of their past hurts.

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When Love Lingers Cast and Crew

One and Two Film Productions Limited

A Uchenna Mbunabo Production


Ray Emodi acted as Leonard, Tana Adelana acted as Kimberly, Sandra Okunzuwa acted as Amanda, Alex Cross acted as Bolaji, Paschaline Ijeoma acted as Pelumi, Oagada Onyeje acted as Manager, Nancy Ogbonna acted as Waitress, Wadada Nwacham acted as a Police Officer, Jakey Robert acted as an Acquaintance, Okunbor Ernest acted as Pelumi’s Lover.


Story/Screenplay: John Achile

Producer/executive producer: Uchenna Mbunabo

Associate producer: Leonard Nzereogu

Director: Aniedi Awah Noba

Year: 2021

Country: Nigeria

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