(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: Onitemi Starring Mide Martins, Okikiola Bakare, Femi Adebayo, Mercy Aigbe, Jumoke George, Yetunde Barnabas…

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“Onitemi,” is a Nigerian Yoruba movie. In English, “Onitemi,” means “My Own.” The movie was shot in Nigeria. It is a 2022 movie.

What is the movie Onitemi about?

A beautiful well-to-do lady, Aramide (Acted by Mide FM Abiodun) abandons a meaningful relationship she has with an American-based guy, Goke (Acted by Femi Adebayo) for another relationship with a poor Nigerian-based guy, Dekunle (Acted by Okikiola Bakare.)

Aramide’s mother, Mama Aramide (Acted by Jumoke George), and her close friend, (Acted by Mercy Aigbe) do not know the reason for her decision. No one knows the reason for Aramide’s quick decision.

Aramide barely knows the Dekulne guy but she claims to love him. Aramide proposes to Dekunle and in no time, they tie the knot.

In no time, Dekunle starts maltreating Aramide. He cheats on her with all kinds of ladies, squanders her money, and turns her into a punching bag.

Even though Dekunle beats Aramide every day, Aramide refuses to leave the marriage. She will always return to him and claim she is too in love to leave her husband. The last time Dekunle beat her, and she almost died, she still returned to him. Even when Dekunle already has taken all her property, she still claims to love him.

One day, another beating lands Aramide in the hospital again, which nearly killed her.  

After she recovered from the beating, she did not return to Dekunle’s house. This is because through prayers of intercession, she was deleivered from the charm Dekunle used in tying her down.

It was discovered that Dekunle had used voodoos on her just to acquire her property. Dekunle was afterward arrested by the police. What do you think happened to Aramide afterward? Would Goke return to her? Find out here—

Onitemi Cast and Crew

Mide FM Abiodun acted as Aramide, Mama Aramide Acted as Jumoke George, Okikiola Bakare acted as Dekunle, Femi Adebayo acted as Goke, Yetunde Barnabas acted as Esther, Afeez Abiodun acted as a gateman, Fausat Balogun acted as Mama Dekunle, Kelvin Obaeze acted as Seye, Bukola Olatunji acted as Secretary, Temitope Ajifowope acted as House help, Sherif Kazeem acted as Baba Ifa, Bola Majid acted as Bukky, Lovely Mary acted as Waiter, Esther Ale Dare acted as Esther


Written by Tunde Komolafe

Story/Producer/Executive Producer: Mide FM Abiodun

Director: Afeez Abiodun

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