(+Full cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: Never Again. Starring: Ray Emodi, Stella Udeze, Victoria Egbuchere, Fubara Seleye…”Quite hilarious!”

This movie is quite hilarious, I must confess. Kudos to all the actors; in particular Stella Udeze for delivering that preacher/born-again role flawlessly.

What is the movie Never Again all about?

Never again tells the story of a beautiful sexy lady, Lily (Acted by Stella Udeze) who after two years of marriage to Jidenna (Ray Emodi) was unable to bear a child. This got Lily worried, even though Jidenna encouraged her to be patient and believe in God’s timing. 

In Lily’s quest to have a child at all costs, she stumbled on an online female preacher, who believed that receiving from God required one to live a humble life in appearance and character.

Lily became born-again and turned religious extremist. She stopped wearing beautiful dresses, make-up, and wigs. She was quick to condemn people who she felt dressed indecently. She stopped cooking for her husband, fasted often, and stopped having s-x with him. She did constant loud prayers that disturbed the husband’s sleep and quiet time. Lily also stopped working. 

Lily went extreme as a new convert which did not sit well with her husband. Jidenna missed the old Lily and wanted her back, but Lily was not ready to return to her old self. 

Lily’s lack of reasoning pushed Jidenna out of the house and made him rekindle the relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica (Victoria Egbuchere).

Jidenna even brought Jessica to the house where he dared to sleep with her when the wife was still very much around. 

However, Jidenna discovered that Jessica was no better than his loving wife, Lily, even though Jesica still used make-up, wore expensive hair, and beautiful dresses, and was very demanding.

After a while, Jidenna started yearning to have his wife, Lily back, who has now applied moderation in her appearance and attitude after being counseled by one of her neighbors, Zita (Acted by Fubara Seleye.)

Will Lily accept the husband Jidenna back? Will Jesica leave the house? Find out here-

Never Again full cast and crew


Ray Emodi acted as Jidenna; Stella Udeze acted as Lily; Fubara Seleye acted as Zita; Victoria Egbuchere acted as Jessica; Uwechi Amarachi Franca acted as Mummy Margaret; Tunde Adekoya, Chidi Chijioke, En Cassie

Never Again Crew

Screenplay: Adaoma Chijioke

Producer: Oge Eze

Executive producer: Chijioke Okonkwo, Oge Eze

Associate producer: Chijioke Okonkwo

Editor: Adelowo Olamilekan

Director: Chidi Chijioke

Year: 2021

Country: Nigeria

Duration: 2 Hours 18 minutes

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