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Fantasy is a 2021 Nigerian movie shot in Nigeria. The main actors in the movie are Watabombshell, Ray Emodi, and Onyi Alex.

What is the movie Fantasy about?

The movie “Fantasy,” tells the story of a gateman, Richard (Acted by Enoch Darko aka Watabombshell) that fantasized to be everything like his boss, Peter (Acted by Ray Emodi), and owning his wife, Shantel (Acted by Onyi Alex)

In fact, Richard’s fantasy was really interesting as he did not want to wake up. The only thing that made his fantasy sour was that he was neither able to kiss nor sleep with his boss’s wife, Shantel while daydreaming about being a boss and taking over everything.

When Shantel eventually decided to kiss him in the dream, he was woken up by the maid, Joy (Acted by Chinoso Arubayi) who asked him to go and open the gate for the real boss he had just finished daydreaming being like.

 Richard did not want to believe he had been daydreaming as he went further narrating his dream to the entire household, including his boss, Peter.

Richard told everyone what they were to him in the dream. He told his boss’s wife, Shantel, that they were married in the dream. But when he told his boss, Peter, that he was his security, he got the beating of his life.

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Fantasy Full cast and crew

Enoch Darko (Watabombshell) acted as Richard, Onyi Alex acted s Shantel, Ray Emodi acted as Peter, Chinoso Arubayi acted as Joy, Elvis Ikpa acted as Almour, Ighotega Leonard acted as James.


Director: Aniedi Awah Noba

Story/Producer/Executive Producer: Uchenna Mbunabo

Screenplay: Obadoni Bridaniels Nwabuaka

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