(+Full cast + crew) “The Good Wife,” Plot Summary: Starring Eddie Watson, Uche Montana, Felix Omokhodion, Foluke Daramola

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis (Plot Summary): “The Good Wife,” : Starring: Eddie Watson, Uche Montana, Felix Omokhodion, Foluke Daramola, Ejike Ibedilo

What is the movie “The Good Wife,” all about? Here is “The Good Wife,” movie synopsis

“The Good Wife,” is a Nigerian drama. The major actors in the movie are Eddie Watson who acted as Jude and Uche Montana who acted as Tiffany. 

Jude and Tiffany are married, but not happily married. This is because of Jude’s unrepenting infidelity nature.

The last one Jude did with one of his flings, Rosemary (Acted by Becky Patrick) resulted in pregnancy. This infuriated Tiffany who had been over-condoning his hound-dog/flirty nature because of their teenage daughter, Sarah(Acted by Angel Onyi Unigwe.)

But one day, Tiffany decided not to condone any of Jude’s excesses again. With the help of her brother, Tiffany investigated Rosemary’s pregnancy and found out that her husband was not responsible for her pregnancy. Rosemary was just looking for a rich dude to pin the responsibility on.

But, that didn’t pacify her. She wanted Jude to feel all the pains he made feel all the years they lived as a couple. She turned him into the rich man he became. Tiffany was willing to see Jude’s downfall…

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“The Good Wife,” Cast and Crew

“The Good Wife,” Cast 

Uche Montana acted as Tiffany, Eddie Watson acted as Jude, Ejike Ibedilo acted as Fredrick, Felix Omokhodion acted as Charles, Foluke Daramola acted as Rose’s Mother, Becky Patrick acted as Rosemary, Angel Onyi Unigwe acted as Sarah, Florence Sunday acted as Hilda


Isreal Alex, Dweller Obot, Dante Okere

 “The Good Wife,” Crew

Story/Screenplay: Carina Kikelomo Jacob

Producer/Executive producer: Austin Ogbuefi

Film Editor/Colorist: Charles Love

Director: Emma Anyaka

Year: 2022                      

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama

Production house: Stanford Films Production House

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