(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “Forgiving In Pain,” Starring: Tana Egbo Adelana, Ademola Richard Amoo

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(+Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “Forgiving In Pain,” Starring: Tana Egbo Adelana, Ademola Richard Amoo, Etty Bedi, Degri Emmanuel, Neme Obi

What is the movie “Forgiving In Pain,” all about? Here is the “Forgiving In Pain,” synopsis

“Forgiving In Pain,” tells the story of a beautiful married surgeon, Veronica (Acted by Tana Egbo Adelana) who stumbled on her childhood friend, Nicole (Acted by Etty Bedi) at her place of work. 

Veronica, excited to see Nicole quickly reconnected with her with the hope for them to do some catch-up on the years they have spent apart as friends.

Veronica brought Nicole to her home and introduced her to her husband, Deyemi (Acted by Ademola Richard Amoo), and daughter, Jesicca (Acted by Blessing Uche.)

Nicole instantly started lusting after Veronica’s husband and sought ways to snatch him from her. She, first of all, lied to the couple that she was attacked in her home and was almost raped. They allowed her in to stay with them. Unknown to Veronica, Nicole planned to seduce Deyemi and sleep with him.


Day in and day out, Nicole seduced Deyemi in that house. Deyemi tried to flee from temptation and indirectly told the wife to let her friend go back. But the unknowing Veronica still felt her friend was still not healed from the fake robbery and pleaded with her husband to let her stay more.

When Deyemi couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, he slept with Nicole. Nicole also lied about Veronica so she could have Deyemi all to herself with no distraction. Deyemi’s immorality made him distance himself from his wife and changed drastically. 

Veronica noticed the change and thought he was having issues at his place of work. One day, their daughter, Jesicca revealed to her that she spoke with her friend Nicole on her daddy’s phone. This made Veronica suspicious and started trailing her husband, till she followed him into Nicole’s apartment where she saw them frolicking.

This instantly ended their marriage. Veronica sent the husband away, and he went back into Nicole’s arms. One day, as Nicole was driving back home, her attention was divided, so, she had an accident. She was rushed to the same hospital Veronica worked. On seeing Nicole, Veronica refused to treat her. Veronica was the only person in the hospital who had sufficient skills that could heal Nicole. 

Would Veronica save Nicole’s life or kill her instantly for what she did? Find out here

“Forgiving In Pain,” Cast and Crew

“Forgiving In Pain,” Cast 

Tana Egbo Adelana acted as Veronica, Ademola Richard Amoo acted as Deyemi, Etty Bedi acted as Nicole, Degri Emmanuel acted as Doctor Ken, Neme Obi acted as Nurse Titi, Okoye Chiamaka acted as Nurse 2, Blessing Uche acted as Jessica, 

“Forgiving In Pain,” Crew

Story/Screenplay: Iwuozo Munachi Emmanuela

Editor/Colorist: Ojo Emmanuel

Associate producer: Ogechukwu Eze

Producer/Executive producer: Enyioma Kalu Onuoha

Director: Simon Emeka

Country; Nigeria

Year; 2022

Genre: Thriller

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