(+Full cast + crew) “Dangerous Snow Day,” Plot Summary. Starring: Nicolette Langley, Matt Pohlkamp, Kate Watson, Alex Trumble

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “Dangerous Snow Day,”: Starring: Nicolette Langley, Matt Pohlkamp, Kate Watson, Alex Trumble, Harlow Wincensten, Cruz Rosstedt, Emary Simon, Jesus Ruiz, Meredith Thomas

What is the movie “Dangerous Snow Day,” all about? Here is the “Dangerous Snow Day,” movie synopsis

“Dangerous Snow Day,” is an American movie. The major actor in the movie is Nicolette Langley who acted as Maggie.

Petty Maggie (Acted by Nicolette Langley) was working as a nanny for one of the richest couples, Kristen and Frederick (Acted by Kate Watson and Matt Pohlkamp) in town. Luckily for Maggie, she was not only loved by the children she was taking care of, but by their parents.

However, she worked with discomfort with the couple as Fredrick constantly made advances at her. When Maggie turned down Fredrick’s advances unapologetically, he fired her and blocked her chances of getting new jobs.

After Maggie was fired, she noticed she was being trailed. She told her best friend, Hannah (Acted by Emary Simon), and reported to Hayes (Acted by Alex Trumble.). 

Maggie found out that the person trailing her wanted to kill her. Who could that be?

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“Dangerous Snow Day,” Cast and Crew

“Dangerous Snow Day,” Cast 

Nicolette Langley acted as Maggie, Matt Pohlkamp acted as Frederick, Kate Watson acted as Kristen, Alex Trumble acted as Hayes, Harlow Wincensten, Cruz Rosstedt, Emary Simon acted as Hannah, Jesus Ruiz, Meredith Thomas, Jeff Rector acted as Aaron

 “Dangerous Snow Day,” Crew

Written by: Jordan Robinson

Casting: Paul Rudith

Production Designer: Emily Bankston

Editor: Rafi Spivak

Music by: Corey Allen Jackson

Line producer: Brad Lafave

Executive Producer: Carla Woods

Produced by: Stan Pry, Eric Woods

Directed by: Brittany Underwood

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