(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “The Creeping.” Starring: Sophie Thompson, Riann Steele, Taliyah Blair, David Horovitch, Jane Lowe, Jonathan Nyatti

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What is the movie “The Creeping,” about? Here is the Synopsis:

“The Creeping,” is a 2022 American horror movie that looks into the—

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“The Creeping,” cast and crew

“The Creeping,” cast

Taliyah Blair acted as Young Anna, David Horovitch acted as Reverend Joseph, Jane Lowe acted as Lucy Blakeley, Peter MacQueen acted as William Blakeley, Jonathan Nyatti acted as Harry Reynolds, Phillipa Peak acted as Young Lucy, Riann Steele acted as Anna Reynolds, Sophie Thompson acted as Karen Marrow


Leon Ancliffe, Pualine Hooper, Pete Hooper, Denise Horan, Angie Joy, Dorothy Miles, Peter Miles, Dallas Pounds, Ed Saunders

“The Creeping,” crew

Story/Screenplay: Jamie Hooper

Editor: Jamie Hooper

Music by: Stephanie Taylor

Director: Jamie Hooper

Executive producer: Amanda Atkins

Producers: Jamie Hooper, Helen Miles

Year: 2022

Country: America

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