(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “The Apartment,” Starring: Nancy Isime, Seun Akindele…

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 (+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “The Apartment,” Starring: Nancy Isime, Seun Akindele, Adaora Ukoh, Francisca Eleyele

What is the movie “The Apartment,” all about? Here is “The Apartment,” synopsis

“The Apartment,” tells the story of two adults, Nicole Obaseki (Acted by Nancy Isime) and Kayode Daniel (Acted by Seun Akindele) who were mistakenly double booked in the same hotel apartment. 

Nicole got to the apartment first and just stepped out of the shower when she found Kayode in her room. Seeing the opposite sex in a room she booked for only herself frightened her. Nicole thought Kayode came to attack her, so she lurched first intending to attack him. 

Kayode grabbed her and tried to calm her down. He explained that the mistake was not from him but the hotel management. After a split second leading to minutes, Kayode was able to convince Nicole partially.

The incident happened on a Friday evening, and all the hotel staff already closed for the weekend. They called the manager (Acted by Emeka Okoye) but the network was too bad for him to hear them.

Nicole and Kayode managed to stay in the apartment together hoping someone from the management will come around soon and resolve the double booking issue. 

The two virtually lived in silence. But, there was something odd about Nicole, she never ate nor changed her cloth. Her presence constantly made the light fizzle out. 

The hotel manager finally showed up at the apartment to clarify the double booking issue. He told Kayode that the apartment was not double booked and that he was the only occupant of the apartment. 

Kayode thought the man was mental to have said that since he and Nicole have lived in the apartment for two days, and he was talking to her before the manager came in. 

To convince the manager that there was another occupant in the apartment, he called Nicole but got no reply. He searched for her in the entire apartment, but still, no reply. 

That was when it dawned on Kayode that he had inhabited the house for two days with a ghost. He left the apartment, the hotel to another, but Nicole showed up. Terrified Kayode wondered what she needed from him. Nicole needed help with her name, and what happened to her after she lodged into the apartment. 

Kayode sprung into action with investigations at her place of work that sent her to the apartment for official works. During the investigation, Kayode discovered that one of Nicole’s colleagues killed her in the apartment because they envied her, and she knew about their fraudulent acts which she wanted to expose.

Which of Nicole’s colleagues really killed her? Find out what happened next here:

“The Apartment,” Cast and Crew

“The Apartment,” Cast

Nancy Isime acted as Nicole Obaseki, Seun Akindele acted as Kayode Daniels, Adaora Ukoh acted as Meg, Emeka Okoye acted as Manager, Toju Peters acted as Abdul, Chioma Umahi acted as Waliu Fagbemi, Augusts Chibuike acted as Office Colleague, Amanda Jriekpen acted as a receptionist, Emeka Igwe acted as a Delivery boy, Francisca Eleyele acted as Hotel staff, Ahmed Afolabi acted as Detective, Police extra: Chima Nwosu, Tony Okebugwu

“The Apartment,” Crew

Screenplay: Francisca Eleyele

Soundtrack: Debayo Daniel

DOP: Emmanuel Usen (Safety), Olayemi Ilesanmi

Editors: Essien Nsisong, Debayo (Sire Multimedia)

Producers: Francisca Eleyele, Ivie Irabor

Executive producer: Sub-Saharan Studios

Director: Akin-Tijani Balogun

Year: 2019

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Country: Nigeria

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