(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “Alien Sniperess,” Starring: Olivia Okoro, Sean Laguna, Douglas Savage, Bourke Floyd

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(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “Alien Sniperess,” Starring: Olivia Okoro, Sean Laguna, Douglas Savage, Bourke Floyd, Alaina Laethem, Sean J. Dillingham, Camille Kerber, Ty Tremayne, Mark Speno, Adam Berardi

What is the movie “Alien Sniperess,” all about? Here is “The Alien Sniperess,” synopsis

“Alien Sniperess,” was about a beautiful and terrific sniper, Army Chioma (Acted by Olivia Okoro). Chioma was about to be proposed to by her boyfriend when he had a fatal accident that led to his death. 

Seeing that Chioma was on leave, her boyfriend before his death pleaded with her to return his younger brother, Aaron (Sean Laguna) to their grandparents. 

Unknown to Chioma, there was already an invasion of alien parasites in the country destroying the whole land and thereby causing death.

This alien parasite enters the bodies of humans and controls the mind and body. Once the parasite enters the human body, the person goes on a killing spree, and, starts killing those without the parasite.

Chioma tried to stay safe and also tried to save many lives from being killed by the parasite, not forgetting her late boyfriend’s request. One day, her visiting friends Kelly (Acted by Alaina Laethem) and Liz (Acted by Camille Kerber) offered to accompany her to Aaron’s grandparent’s home. 

On their way, they battled with humans already affected by the parasite. Chioma and Aaron continued the journey while others stayed back fighting for life.

Aaron is highly welcomed by his grandparents, after which they stabbed him deeply. The parasite had already taken over their mind and body. After stabbing Aaron, they proceeded to kill Army Chioma as well.

Will they succeed? Find out here

“Alien Sniperess,” Cast and Crew

“Alien Sniperess,” Cast

Olivia Okoro acted as Chioma, Sean Laguna acted as Aaron, Douglas Savage acted as Lucas, Bourke Floyd acted as Officer Marshall, Aina Laethem acted as Kelly, Sean J Dillingham acted as Dr. Clark, Camille Kerber acted as Liz, Ty Tremayne acted as Martin/Radio DJ, Mark Speno acted as Marks, Adam Bernadi acted as Officer King, Richard O Ryan acted as NOX, Rudy Amador acted as ED, Allena Krank acted as a waiter, Dylan Garcia acted as Leo, Jazmin Gonzalez acted as Leo’s girlfriend, Tesia Potfora acted as Soldier, Cameron Kotechi acted as Jason, Dr.Sanders/News Anchor acted as Michele Justin.

“Alien Sniperess,” Crew

Written and directed by: Joseph Mbah

Produced by: Amber Mbah

Year: 2022

Country: America

Genre: Science fiction, Horror, Action

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