[+Best song] Tracklist fro Asa’s “V” Album Lyrics and meaning

Asa is a popular Nigerian singer and songwriter. She is signed to NAIVE Independent Record Label.

She recently dropped her album with the title “V.” I am still wondering the reason for the single letter title though. But the album has 10 tracks. View them below:

“V” Album Tracklist by Asa

  1. Mayana
  2. Ocean
  3. IDG (I Don’t Go)
  4. Nike
  5. Show me off
  6. Morning Man
  7. Good times
  8. Believer
  9. All I ever wanted
  10. Love Me or Give Me Red Wine

So, I am still yet to decide which is the best song, but right now, Mayana is still on replay for me. So, what about you?

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