(+Full cast + crew) “Made For Me,” Plot Summary : Starring: Ademola Richard Amoo, Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu…

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “Made For Me,” : Starring: Ademola Richard Amoo, Ego Nworji, Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu, Adaeze Philo

What is the movie “Made For Me,” all about? Here is the “Made For Me,” movie synopsis!

“Made For Me,” is a Nigerian movie about romance. The major actors in the movie are Ademola Richard Amoo who acted as Ade, and Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu who acted as Nnenna.

Ade and Nnenna are two adults from different tribes. Ade is a Yoruba man while Nnanna is an Igbo lady. Both Ade and Nnenna are head over heels in love with each other. Ade is a banker while Nnenna is a seamstress.

Both Ade and Nnenna grew up with their mothers in the village and hid their relationship from their mothers, Mame Ade and Mama Nnenna (Acted by Ego Nworji and Adaeze Philo) because of the hatred the two have for each other.

Mama Nnenna wanted her daughter, Nnenna to marry a rich man from their Igbo tribe. She wanted Nnenna to marry Ejije (Acted by Degri Emmanuel) who was already sending money to her to show his commitment to marrying Nnenna. Mama Ade equally wanted Ade to marry a Yoruba woman.

One day, Ade and Nnenna’s mothers found out about their love affair, and all hell broke loose.

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“Made For Me,” Cast and Crew

“Made For Me,” Cast 

Ademola Richard Amoo acted as Ade, Benita Onyiule Ugochukwu acted as Nnenna, Ego Nworji acted as Mama Ade, Adaeze Philo acted as Mama Nnenna, Degri Emmanuel acted as Ejike, Okoye Chiamaka Sunshine acted as Clara

 “Made For Me,” Crew

Story/Screenplay: Agufusi Janemary Chidinma

Script Supervisor: Ibrahim Aliyu

Producer/Executive producer: Uchenna Mbunabo

Associate producer: Ogechukwu Eze

Film Editor/Colorist: Ojo Emmanuel

Special effects: Onaji Stephen Onche

Director: Simon Emeka

Year: 2022                      

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama, Romance

Production house: Uchenna Mbunabo

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