(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “Last Seen Alive.” Starring: Gerard Butler. Jamie Alexandar, Russell Hornsby

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(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: “Last Seen Alive.” Starring: Gerard Butler. Jamie Alexandar, Russell Hornsby, Ethan Embry, Michael Irby, Cindy Hogan

What is the movie “Last Seen Alive,” about? Here is “Last Seen Alive,” synopsis!

Will (Acted by Gerrard Butler) and Lisa’s (Acted by Jamie Alexander) marriage was shaky due to Will’s type of job which made him constantly unavailable and distanced him from his wife. 

Lisa couldn’t get to see much of him like she would love to.

Will was emotionally and physically unavailable in the marriage. His absence made Lisa cheat on him. When Lisa couldn’t take it any longer, she sought a divorce.

Will feeling guilty for the mess he has been in the marriage, pleaded with his wife to give him another chance to make everything right again. Will was willing to put aside all things, including his job, to make his marriage work again. 

Lisa’s mind was already made-up. She planned on staying with her parents (Acted by Bruce Altman and Cindy Hogan) for a while reconsidering Will’s plea to give their marriage another chance.

While en route to Lisa’s parent’s house, Will pulled over at a gas station to fuel his car. Meanwhile, Lisa entered the grocery beside the gas station to buy a bottle of water. As she stepped out, she was kidnapped. Lisa’s disappearance put a toll on already troubled Will. 

Will instantly reported the disappearance of Lisa to the police, led by Detective Paterson (Acted by Russell Hornsby). But, rather than Detective Paterson helping Will with his wife’s missing case, he delayed the case. 

Detective Paterson was instead casting a suspicious eye on Will after he figured out that Will and Lisa were having issues in their marriage.

Will became a major suspect since he was the last to see Lisa alive. Unable to take the police lingering on Lisa’s missing case, Will took laws into his hands. 

After a relentless search, Lisa was found. It was discovered that her handyman, Knuckles (Acted by Ethan Embry), was behind her kidnap. Knuckles kidnapped Lisa and held her to ransom, so her rich husband could pay, and then, he would use the money to buy drugs.

Could Knuckles have been sent by someone? Find out here

Last Seen Alive Cast and Crew

Last Seen Alive Cast

Gerard Butler acted as Will Spann, Jaimie Alexander acted as Lisa Spann, Russell Hornsby acted as Detective Paterson, Ethan Embry acted as Knuckles, Michael Irby acted as Oscar, Cindy Hogan acted as Anna Adams, Bruce Altman acted as Barry Adams, Jordan Salloum acted as Peter, Dani Deette acted as Deputy Anderson, Chip Lane acted as Assistant Deputy, Brian Scanwell acted as Patrol Officer, David Kallaway acted as Frank, Alphonso A’qen Aten Jackson acted as Lary, Brice Anthony Heller as Ghost Worker, David Steven Perez acted as Hazmut Officer, Robin Inez Fletcher acted as Secretary, Vijay BiraJ acted as Gas Station Employee

Last Seen Alive Crew

Written by: Marc Frydman 

Editor: Julia Wong ACE

Associate producers: David ShoJai, Taylor Conrod, Daniel Kaslow

Co-producer: Danielle Robinson

Executive producer: Rodlurie, Jonathan Deckter

Produced by: Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Marc Frydman, Nicolas Chartier, Brian Pitt

Directed by: Brian Goodman

A Perfection Hunter G-Base Voltage pictures production

Year: 2022

Country: America

Genre: Action/Thriller

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