(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis/Plot Summary: “I Want You Back.” Starring: Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Scott Eastwood, Gina Rodriguez

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “I Want You Back.” Starring: Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Scott Eastwood, Gina Rodriguez, Manny Jacinto, Clark Backo, Luke David Blumm, Giselle Torres, Isabel May, Quinn Cookie, Pete Davidson, Claudia Rocafort, Kysen Acevedo, Jami, Lauren Halperin, Thy Bui, Betsy Sligh 

What is the movie “I Want You Back,” about? Here is the “I Want You Back,” movie Synopsis

“I want you back,” was about two strangers, Peter and Emma (Acted by Charlie Day and Jenny Slate) that became friends after the two realized that they were both dumped by the ones they loved on a weekend. The two became so close with the sole purpose of destroying their exes’ new relationships and winning them back to themselves.

“I want you back plot,” summary

The movie “I want you back,” was about two strangers Peter (Acted by Charlie Day) and Emma (Acted by Jenny Slate). Peter and Emma worked in the same building but for different companies. One day, the two bumped into each other while sobbing on the staircase of their office building. They noticed they were both sobbing and downcast. 

Peter and Emma got talking, and, in their conversation, they found out that they were sobbing for the same reason. The two were crying because they were dumped over the weekend by the ones they loved dearly.

Peter was dumped by Anne (Acted by Gina Rodriguez) during her little cousin’s birthday after dating for 6 years. Emma on the other hand was dumped by her fitness trainer boyfriend, Noah (Acted by Scott Eastwood) while lunching outdoor after dating for 18 months. Noah dumped Emma because he wanted to settle down, and Emma wasn’t the marriable type as she was yet to figure out what she wanted to do with our life. 

Peter and Emma reminisced on the good times they spent with their exes and longed for them more. They tried to do away with some items in their homes that would remind them of their exes.

Regardless of these, Peter and Emma still wanted their exes, Anne and Noah, back. So, they decided to win Anne and Noah back even though they already started dating someone else. 

Anne was dating Logan (Acted by Manny Jacinto) while Noah was dating Ginny (Acted by Clark Backo). Peter and Emma planned to destroy their exes’ new relationship. So, they devised a plan. 

Peter’s task was to get close to Emma’s ex, Noah, and find a way to ruin his new relationship with Ginny. Emma’s task was to seduce Logan and equally ruin his relationship with Anne. 

With a plan hatched, Peter registered at Noah’s fitness training school, where Noah became his trainer. Emma on the other hand offered to be a volunteer at Logan’s theatre house.

Peter and Noah got so close that Peter eventually lost track of the real reason he registered at Noah’s fitness school and the reason for the friendship. The close ties Peter eventually formed with Noah made him unable to break Noah’s relationship with Ginny, as Noah ended up proposing to Ginny regardless of the relationship’s short frame. 

Emma and Logan on the other hand became so close that it became torn in Anne’s flesh. Anne didn’t like the closeness they shared. It got worse when Emma always interfered in her discussion with Logan, and Logan on the other hand always brought Emma into every of their discussion. The moment Logan agreed to a threesome with her and Emma, Anne immediately walked out of the relationship. Emma was happy she succeeded in the task of breaking Anne’s relationship with Logan. 

Anne reignited her romance with Peter, while Emma was left stranded since Peter was not successful in his task of ruining Noah’s relationship with Ginny. 

As soon as Peter and Anne started dating back, Peter cut close ties with Emma. The two however bumped into each other on Noah and Ginny’s wedding day. Noah invited Peter and Emma separately oblivious of their attempts to break his relationship with Ginny. Peter came along with Anne while Emma brought Logan. Emma tried to shun Peter irritated that he only used her so he could get Anne back. Emma regardless of her annoyance with Peter, revealed to him that she already moved out of the house where she accommodated two lovers, and was studying to become a school counselor. 

Both Emma and Peter soon revealed the truth to Noah, Anne, Logan, and Ginny. Emma and Peter told them how they had gotten close solely to ruin their relationships, and win their exes back. Disappointed Noah punched Peter in the face and walked away. Logan was also irritated with Emma’s act, called her insane, and walked out of the hall. Anne was mad at Peter, which was the reason she slept on the bed while Peter slept on the floor.  

The next morning, both Anne and Peter had a conversation about their relationship and they figured out they were not meant to be. Emma on the other hand apologized to Noah for trying to ruin his new relationship, and they both agreed that they were not compatible. Noah left off warning Emma to stay away from his wife, Ginny.

Peter and Emma took the same flight home. When their oxygen mask fell off due to some uproar in the air, Peter got off his seat to help Emma put on her oxygen mask before putting on his. When the uproar ceased, they looked each other’s way and smiled.

I Want You Back Cast and Crew

“I Want You Back,” Cast

Charlie Day acted as Peter, Jenny Slate acted as Emma, Scott Eastwood acted as Noah, Gina Rodriguez acted as Anne, Manny Jacinto acted as Logan, Clark Backo acted as Ginny, Luke David Blumm acted as Trevor, Giselle Torres acted as Chloe, Isabel May acted as Leighton, Quinn Cookie acted as Taylor, Pete Davidson acted as Jase, Claudia Rocafort acted as Sylvia, Kysen Acevedo acted as Toby, Jami Gertz acted as Rita, Lauren Halperin acted as Janine, Thy Bui acted as Matt, Betsy Sligh acted as Middle School Girlfriend, Braxton Alexander acted as Middle School Boyfriend, Franco Castan acted as Audience Member, Dylan Geulula acted as Lisa, Mason Gooding acted as Paul, Jessi Goei acted aswaiter, Saya Watkins acted as Audrey, Manny Magnus acted as Seymour, Marco Julius Schittone acted as Dentist, Polly Craig acted as Old woman, Lynne Ashe acted as Receptionist, Yannis Kitas acted as Stage Mnager, Ben Mckenzie acted as Leighton’s dad, Spencer Murrill acted as Plant, Julian Williams acted as Atlanta Bro #2, Austin Seifert acted as Atlanta Bro #3, Kenneth Rouchie acted as Pastor.

“I Want You Back,” Crew

Written by: Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger

Music by: Siddhartha Khosla

Edited by Jonathan Schwartz

Executive producers: Charlie Day, Bart Lipton, Adam Londy

Produced by: Isaac Aptaker, p.g.a, Elizabeth Berger, p.g.a, Peter Safran, John Rickard, p.g.a

Directed by Jason Orley

Year: 2022

Country: America

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Amazon Studios

A Safran Company/ Walk-up company production

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