(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: Netflix’s “A Perfect Pairing.” Starring: Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Samantha Tolj, Lucy Durack

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(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: Netflix’s “A Perfect Pairing.” Starring: Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Samantha Tolj, Lucy Durack, Craig Horner, Tracie Filmer, Nicholas Brown

What is the movie “A Perfect Pairing,” about? Here is “A Perfect Pairing,” synopsis!

A Perfect Pairing is a romantic movie that tells the story of Lola Alvarez (Acted by Victoria Justice), who’s a beautiful and ambitious Los Angeles wine executive at Mythos Company.

Lola resigned from Mythos Wines and started her wine distribution venture, Salud Imports. She traveled to Australia to make a distribution deal with makers of Vaughn family wines owned by the Vaughn family and managed by Hazel (Acted by Samantha Tolj).

Hazel cannot be seen easily, not to talk of creating time for a rookie like Lola. In a bid to link up with Hazel quickly, Lola booked a cottage close to the Vaughn sheep station. 

One day, Lola stumbled on Hazel, and in no time, she introduced herself and revealed her intentions to Hazel. Hazel was reluctant to give Lola a trial because she was just starting.

In a bid to convince Hazel of her capability, she volunteered to work as one of the station’s shearers, after Max (Acted by Adam Demos), revealed that one of the shearers at the station left the job.

Max and Hazel reluctantly accepted Lola. Meanwhile, Max showed Lola what was expected of her as a shearer. 

For weeks, Lola worked closely with Max, who supervised her work, and they ended up falling in love with each other.

One day, Max revealed his true identity of being a “Vaughn,” to Lola, and she flared up. 

Would Lola ever forgive Adam? Find out here

Perfect Pairing Cast and Crew

Perfect Pairing Cast 

Victoria Justice acted as Lola Alvarez, Adam Demos acted as Max Vaughn, Samantha Tolj acted as Hazel Vaughn, Crag Horner acted as Calder, Lucy Durack acted as Audra, Luca Sardelis acted as Breeze, Emily Havea acted as Sam, Antonio Alvarez acted as Carlos Alvarez, Natalie Abbott acted as Kylie, Nicholas Brown acted as Hamish, Veronica Neave acted as Diane, Tracie Filmer acted as Office Employee, Brett Murphy acted as Henry, Emma Randall acted as Buyer, Joel Spread Borough acted as Bartender, Jayden Popik acted as Henry

Perfect Pairing Crew

Writers: Elizabeth Hackett, Hilary Galanoy

Executive producers: Elizabeth Hackett, Hilary Galanoy, Tracey Robertson, Nathan Mayfield

Director: Stuart MacDonald

Year: 2022

Country: America 

Genre: Romantic Comedy

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