(+Plot) What happened at the end of “I Want You Back,” movie?

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After a night of revelation about their plan to ruin the relationships of their exes at Noah’s wedding, Peter and Emma took the same flight home. When their oxygen mask fell off due to some uproar in the air, Peter got off his seat to help Emma put on her oxygen mask before putting on his. When the uproar ceased, they looked each other’s way and smiled. Emma must have felt special because when she was with Noah, she used to put on his oxygen mask before hers.

What is the movie “I Want You Back,” about? Here is the “I Want You Back,” movie Synopsis

“I want you back,” was about two strangers, Peter and Emma (Acted by Charlie Day and Jenny Slate) that became friends after the two realized that they were both dumped by the ones they loved on a weekend. The two became so close with the sole purpose of destroying their exes’ new relationships and winning them back to themselves.

I Want You Back Cast and Crew

“I Want You Back,” Cast

Charlie Day acted as Peter, Jenny Slate acted as Emma, Scott Eastwood acted as Noah, Gina Rodriguez acted as Anne, Manny Jacinto acted as Logan, Clark Backo acted as Ginny, Luke David Blumm acted as Trevor, Giselle Torres acted as Chloe, Isabel May acted as Leighton, Quinn Cookie acted as Taylor, Pete Davidson acted as Jase, Claudia Rocafort acted as Sylvia, Kysen Acevedo acted as Toby, Jami Gertz acted as Rita, Lauren Halperin acted as Janine, Thy Bui acted as Matt, Betsy Sligh acted as Middle School Girlfriend, Braxton Alexander acted as Middle School Boyfriend, Franco Castan acted as Audience Member, Dylan Geulula acted as Lisa, Mason Gooding acted as Paul, Jessi Goei acted aswaiter, Saya Watkins acted as Audrey, Manny Magnus acted as Seymour, Marco Julius Schittone acted as Dentist, Polly Craig acted as Old woman, Lynne Ashe acted as Receptionist, Yannis Kitas acted as Stage Mnager, Ben Mckenzie acted as Leighton’s dad, Spencer Murrill acted as Plant, Julian Williams acted as Atlanta Bro #2, Austin Seifert acted as Atlanta Bro #3, Kenneth Rouchie acted as Pastor.

“I Want You Back,” Crew

Written by: Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger

Music by: Siddhartha Khosla

Edited by Jonathan Schwartz

Executive producers: Charlie Day, Bart Lipton, Adam Londy

Produced byIsaac Aptaker, p.g.a, Elizabeth Berger, p.g.a, Peter Safran, John Rickard, p.g.a

Directed by Jason Orley

Year: 2022

Country: America

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Amazon Studios

A Safran Company/ Walk-up company production

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