(+ Synopsis) Movie review: Ajoji

Ajoji tells the story of two women, Bisola (Acted by Jumoke Odetola) and Kemi (Acted by Yewande Adekoya), whose lives were cut short when they least expected. Bisola, a beautiful and humble stylist, has a very loving husband, Akin (Acted by Femi Branch), and a beautiful daughter Iransi (Acted by Tumise Adeyemo). Bisola had an accident on her way to an award ceremony where she was supposed to receive an award. She had rushed out of the house, leaving the husband and daughter; unfortunately, she could not receive the award. Bisola roamed around the streets looking for a way to reconnect with her family but was unable to. 

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(+Synopsis) Movie Review: “Last Born”

Meanwhile, there was this Chief police officer (Acted by Murphy Afolabi) , who also inherited voodoos from his father (Acted by Yinka Quadri) but used the voodoos to protect the nation. The Chief police used his voodoos to battle lastborn. Would he defeat him? Read the full synopsis here- https://ogefash.review/synopsis-to-the-movie-lastborn/

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Synopsis to the movie “Lastborn”

One day, Damilare approaches his bosom childhood friend, Lastborn/Ayo (Acted by Abayomi Adenle), who inherited some voodoos from his father (Acted by Ebun Oloyode). He implores Lastborn to give him some voodoos to protect him from gunshots, cutlass cuts, or any harm.. Ay/Lastborn listens to Damilare and secures him with some voodoos that protect him from harm, unknown to Lastborn that Damilare needs it to shield himself when he goes for a robbery operation. Damilare uses his new voodoos to shield himself and his robbery squad.

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