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The movie “Two in one” is about the story of the twin- Taiwo, and Kehinde (Acted by Jamiu Azeez). Both Taiwo and Kehinde have similar tastes, wear the same color of cloth, and love to do things together. 

If one of the twins is having a headache or stomach upset, the other twin also will. Their lives were kind of entwined.

While Kehinde married a cultured lady, Lade (Acted by Regina Chukwu) whom any man that has anything to do with her must be wealthy, Taiwo married an uncouth lady, Fatimo (Acted by Mide Martins Abiodun)

In fact, Fatimo was not only uncouth to strangers, but she was also so rude to her mother-in-law, Mama Ibeji (Acted by Jumoke Geoge), sister-in-law, Abiodun (Acted by Opeyemi Aiyeola), the wife of the husband’s twin, Lade (Acted by Regina Chukwu), her husband’s workers, Hassan and Ayomide (Acted by Feranmi Oyalowo and Shade Shittu); everybody. She was also unfriendly and chased all her husband’s family with her hostility.

Oneday, Fatimo died. Who is the killer ?

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My Observation:

Mide really made use of a high-pitch while interpreting her role all through this movie. I am sure that after the production of this movie, her voice was affected. The production must have ended leaving her with a crooked voice.

What do you all think?

If you have watched this movie, feel free to share your thought on the movie.

Cast and Crew for the movie “Two in one”

Jamiu Azeez acted as Taiw/Kehinde, Jumoke George acted as Mama Ibeji, Opemi Aiyeola acted as Abiodun, Mide FM Abiodun acted as Fatimo, Regina Chukwu acted as Lade, Afeez Abiodun acted as Gateman/Baba Kareem, Feranmi Oyalowo acted as Hassan, Shade Shittu acted as Ayomide, Azeezat Shorounmi acted as Kofo, Omotunde Ogundina acted as Moyo, Sherif Kareem acted as Babalawo, Sunday Ogunremi acted as Ore Taiwo

Story: Azeezat Shorounmi

Music: Indo

Producer: Jamiu Azeez

Executive producer: Abdulahi Abdulrasaq

Director: Afeez Abiodun

Corporate pictures Nigeria Limited

Year: 2021

Country: Nigeria

Parts: 1 and 2 

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