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what is the movie last born about
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Movie Genre: Yoruba

Parts: Part 1-3

What is the movie “Last Born anout?”

A chatty young boy, Damilare (Acted by Mustapha Sholagbade), who knows rich people, grabs the attention of four deadly robbers (Acted by Kelvin Ikeduba, Kola Ajeyemi, Muyideen Oladapo, and Yomi Olorunlolaye)

Without seeking Damilare’s consent, the four robbers make him join their robbery gang due to his connection with top influential people in society.

Damilare was initially unhappy about this, but he soon joined the robbers fully without any skepticism.

One day, Damilare approaches his bosom childhood friend, Lastborn/Ayo (Acted by Abayomi Adenle), who inherited some voodoos from his father (Acted by Ebun Oloyode). He implores Lastborn to give him some voodoos to protect him from gunshots, cutlass cuts, or any harm.

Ay/Lastborn listens to Damilare and secures him with some voodoos that protect him from harm, unknown to Lastborn that Damilare needs it to shield himself when he goes for a robbery operation. Damilare uses his new voodoos to shield himself and his robbery squad.

One day, Damilare invites his friend, Lastborn/Ayo, over to his place, which changes his life. Lastborn becomes wealthy too and buys a car for his daddy without his daddy questioning him about his source of wealth.

Meanwhile, Lastborn/Ayo thought Damilare was doing a legit business until the Police Chief officer (Acted by Murphy Afolabi) and his crew killed Damilare. Damilare had a one-time shot at the police chief, which almost cost him his life, but his father’s voodoos intervention saved him.

By the way, The Police Chief officer was able to kill Damilare because he also inherited some voodoos from his herbalist father (Acted by Yinka Quadri). But, unlike Damilare, he uses his voodoos to arrest criminals and save the country’s citizens.

After Damilare’s death, Lastborn/Ayo discovers his real job. He replaces Damilare in the deadly group, and they all go for robbery.

One day, Lastborn’s herbalist father finds out about his involvement in a crime. Rather than scold him, he spurs him to keep stealing. He gives his son Lastborn/Ayo and his robbery crew more voodoos for protection from bullets, harm, and voodoos that will make them unrecognizable when they go for robbery operations. Lastborn and team robbed several people switching their faces to females with the help of voodoos since their faces have been revealed and have been declared wanted in all media houses by the police.

Lastborn also avenges his friend’s death and goes to wipe off the entire family (Mother, wife, and daughter) of the police chief who had shot his friend, Damilare.

The pained police chief becomes more determined to capture Lastborn/Ayo and bring down the deadly group. With the help of the chief police’s father, the police finally catch Lastborn/Ayo and the other robbers. The other robbers die while powerless Lastborn is arrested. The police arrest his father too.

Cast and crew for the movie Last Born

Murphy Afolabi acted as Police Chief, Abayomi Adenle acted as Last born, Ayo and robber, Mustapha Sholagbade acted as Damilare/Dare/Dre, Kelvin Ikeduba acted as Robber, Muyideen Oladapo acted as Robber, Yomi Olorunlolaye acted as robber, Kola Ajeyemi acted as robber, Yinka Quandri acted as herbalist, Lanre Aiku acted as Police Officer, Bukky Smart acted as police officer, Ayo Olaiya acted as police officer, Gbenga Olayiwola acted as police officer, Ademola Aderemi acted as police officer, Kazeem Adesina acted as police officer, Tunde Berdnard acted as Gateman, Sule Alao Malaika acted as Senator, Ronke Odusanya acted as Senator’s wife, Tayo Odueke acted as Damilare’s sister, Olaniyan Afonja acted as Ige, Ebun Oloyede acted as Last Born’s dad.

A Murphy Afolabi Direction

An Abayomi Adenle Production

Isolak Films Production.


Part 1- 1 hour 18 minutes

Part 2: 1 hour 10 minutes

Part 3: 1 hour 4 minutes

Year: 2021

If you have watched this film, feel free to drop your comment.

What part did you enjoy most? Part 1, 2, or 3?

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