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I watched this movie with so much irritation and… https://youtu.be/RlJShX1uZxU 

The title of the film “Kafirantan” is also the name given to the primary heroine of the film- Kafirantan. (Acted by Seyi Crown) 

The movie Kafirantan centers on the theme of rape and child sexual abuse. The movie tells the story of an excellent academic performing teenage female, Kafirantan (Acted by Seyi Crown). 

Kafirantan, raised by her mum alone after her father’s demise, was raped by her mum’s trusted doctor boyfriend, Dr. Ben (Acted by Rotimi Salami). 

Before she was raped, she called her extremely busy mum, Mrs.Maxwell (Acted by Wunmi Toriola), but she did not pick. She then called back the customer care line of a telecommunications outfit in the country, “Allwell Telecommunications.” 

Luckily, a female customer care rep, Leslie (Acted by Allwell Ademola), picked. However, Leslie could not help Kafirantan on time because she was a victim of rape; she was abused sexually by her supposed father when she was just a child. 

So, when Kafirantan’s call came in, and she told her she was about to be raped, memories of her own experience came rolling and engulfed her. 

So, why did I watch this movie with so much irritation? 

First of all, don’t get it twisted o. That I said, I watched the 2 hours 4 minutes movie with so much irritation doesn’t mean the film is not enjoyable or worth watching. 

Of course, the film is quite interesting, and it is worth watching. My annoyance or irritation is just solely on “Kafirantan’s” (Acted by Seyi Crown) rape by her mum’s boyfriend- Dr. Ben (Acted by Rotimi Salami). 

Naturally, I hate films on rape, and I hate to watch them. My annoyance with this movie is that there was enough time for Kafirantan’s rape not to have happened. 

If you have watched the movie, you will understand what I mean. 

So, what do I mean exactly? 

I reiterate, there was ample time for that rape not to have happened to Kafirantan, but it happened. From the 36minutes of the movie clip to 1hour:21 minutes before she was eventually raped, ahah, haba, and there was still no help, even when her phones were with her. 

Even the rapist, Dr.Ben, was in no hurry to rape her because he felt he would have her at all cost, whether she ran or not. He did not chase after her because he had already locked all doors. 

In the same vein, Kafirantan also had ample time to call for help and look for a safer place to hide in the house, not some stupid unlocked cupboard to hide from her rapist. 

Well, understandably, she called her mum- Mrs. Maxwell (Acted by Wunmi Toriola), but she did not pick. She later called back the customer care of a famous telecommunications outfit in the country- Allwell Telecoms. Fortunately for her, the customer care rep- Leslie (Acted by Allwell Ademola), picked her call. Still, unfortunately for Kafirantan, this customer care rep couldn’t help her after listening to her story of someone attempting to rape her. Kafirantan even gave her the address, only for her to stroll in at night.

Kafirantan had no other person to call; that goes a long way to show that some people do not have significant numbers of security personnel to call when in trouble in this country, which the movie did not border to address.

Moving on, movie producers and scriptwriters need to know that backdating a movie would affect the images, songs, items, or any content used in production. I don’t have an issue with them backdating the entire movie or one of the movie scenes to 2012, like the day Dr.Ben was supposed to travel, but ensure to backdate other things. Use songs released within that period. Playing Duduke by Simi, which we all know was released in 2020, doesn’t make much sense. 

Also, Allwell Communications’ office represented a telecommunications office lowly. Just only one laptop with the Allwell communication sticker. What happened to the remaining two laptops? 

Also, two guys sharing one laptop, haba! Even no meaningful communication with the callers. Except for one of Leslie’s scenes, though, before Kafirantan’s call came through. The other lady just kept on repeating the last part of communication, “would that be all.” 

I love the cinematography, in particular the camera angles. I love the music; how can Indo be the movie’s voice, and the movie will not be interesting? It is not possible. Both Indo and Allwell’s musical performances added more life to the already lively movie. I loved the chorus in particular.

Anyway, in conclusion, the film is worth watching. It is a good story; quite engaging. But I hate that it was slow-paced at some point, but the rape still happened. Below are the five flaws noted in the movie.

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Allwell Ademola acted as Leslie, Aina Gold as Dr.Ben’s father/Chief Adebare, Wunmi Toriola acted as Kafirantan’s mum/Mrs. Maxwell, Adeola Folurunsho acted as Tutu, Okikiola Bakare acted as Bidemi, Majekodunmi Emmanuel acted as Majek, Seyi Crown acted as Kafirantan, Rotimi Salami acted as Dr. Ben, Biola Adebayo acted as Ronke, Femi Obimodede acted as officer Dayo, Adedayo Isreal Olorunjuwon acted as Dapo, Whitney Jaiyeoba acted as young Leslie, Mustapha Gbolagade acted as Will, Afeez Abiodun acted as Police, Samson Oseni acted as Police, Olaiya Temitope acted as Moyosire, Olayemi Arode, Toyin Alausa acted as Mrs. Omonubi, Honey Ikemefuna acted as D.P.O, Princess Tosin Abolaji acted as officer Tosin, Kudirat Ogunro acted as Jolade, Toyibat Iyiola acted as Titi, Toyin Akano acted as Award presenter, Ronnie acted as Award presenter

Produced and Directed by: Allwell Ademola 

Written/Screenplay by Bamitale Kreatif INK Soundtrack: Indo and Allwell Ademola. 

Year of release: 2021 

Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes Country: Nigeria

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