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synopsis and what the indie move sweet taste of souls is about
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The movie “Sweet taste of souls,” tells the story of four friends-Nate, Kyle, Wendy, and Lily (John Salandria acted as Nate, Mark Valeriano acted as Kyle, Amber Gaston acted as Wendy, Sarah J Bartholomew acted as Lily) on a road trip.

The four friends stop at a restaurant for a slice of pie. Unknown to them, the restaurant is owned by an evil woman, Ellinore (Honey Lauren) who is controlled by a demon. The demon in her always wants people to avenge their wrongdoers.

Ellionore who was offended by her abusive husband falls prey to the demon. The demon inhabits her fully and she starts harming people.

She imprisons her victims in a photo frame by taking a picture of them. Once Ellinore takes a picture of her victims, she frames them and hangs them on her wall making it look like artwork, unknown to people that they are real people. 

The captured souls remain in the frame for years, and never find a way of escape.

As Nate (John Salandria), Kyle (Mark Valeriano), Wendy (Amber Gaston), and Lily (Sarah J. Bartholomew) eat the pie they had bought from Ellionore’s restaurant, they start to disappear. 

The four friends find themselves in a photo frame. They are unaware that Ellionore had secretly taken a picture of them while entering her restaurant. The four friends find different people captured in other photo frames as well. Help is difficult to come by as they freeze once a visitor enters Ellionore’s restaurant.

They attempt to find a way to escape, but all ways mostly lead to death. The only way is to become the demon yourself. Who among the four friends will?

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Cast and crew for the movie Sweet Taste of Souls

Honey Lauren acted as Ellionore/Sinister voice, John Salandria acted as Nate, Mark Valeriano acted as Kyle, Amber Gaston acted as Wendy, Sarah J Bartholomew acted as Lily, Thom Michael Mulligan acted as Barney, Frank Papia acted as Sid, Jesse Lenoir acted as Tucker, Darn Oldham acted as Raymond, Scott Alin acted as Patrick, Lonny Curtis acted as Officer Philips, Mark Allyn acted as Sports Car Driver, Samantha Larson acted as Chrissa, Tess Dunlap acted as Kelly, Jesse Turner acted as Mikey, Daniel Quezadah aced as Nick, Monique Famison acted as Jess, Will Fletcher acted as Rob, Lolly Boroff acted as a realtor, Tyler Bruhn acted as Guy with Wedding Cake.

Producer: Bee Pederson

Associate producer: Kristen Johnson

Written by Felicity Mudgett

Directed by Terry Ross

Assistant Director– Gabriel Plan, Beto Ochoa

Editors: Matthew Roscoe, Davie Downe

Cinematography: Oscar Velasquez

Duration 1 hour 39 minutes

Indie film

Genre: Horror

Year: 2020

Production companies: Flying Dolphin Productions. Winter Glass Films

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