(+Full cast and crew) Synopsis to the movie Cake: How realistic is this movie?

synopsis and what the african movie my cake is about
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The movie “Cake” tells the story of a beautiful lady, Daramola (Acted by Princess Tosin Abolaji) who luckily finds a rich, handsome, and caring man, Ayomide (Acted by Rotimi Salami) online. The two love each other even though they agree not to reveal each other’s identity until they meet face to face.

Ayomide stays abroad while Daramola lives in Nigeria. However, both Ayomide and Daramola constantly chat and call each other. Ayomide buys Daramola things a lot and sends her money. He also buys things for Daramola’s two friends, Eyinju and Bintu (Acted by Mide Martins Abiodun and Selat Adebowale.) 

Ayomide even oneday bought her Daramola a car and house. As he makes plans to return to Nigeria to marry Daramola, and brag about how different she is from other ladies, his friend, and manager, Jato (Acted by Temitope Akinyemi tells him to test Daramola’s faithfulness before they finally meet. 

So, after buying Daramola a house, he secretly returns and acts as her gateman to monitor her character. Daramola is initially very friendly to the gateman not knowing that he is her unseen American lover.

But oneday, she meets a guy, Raymond (Acted by Joseph Momodu) who turns her world around. She falls in love with Raymond and starts an affair with him intending to end it when Ayomide returns. Her affair with Raymond suddenly changed her friendly relationship with the gateman, unknown to her that the gateman is her American lover, and was the one that employed Raymond to test her faithfulness to him.

As Ayomide continues to pretend as a poor gateman, he is hurt to see Daramola cheating on him despite how frequently they converse and she tells him how much she loves him.

Daramola’s world soon came crashing when she finds out that the poor gateman is her American lover whom she calls “My Cake” whenever they are chatting.

Do you think Ayomide will forgive Daramola? Find out here-

My Observation.

Really, how realistic is this movie? This was the question I asked myself after watching the 1 hour 24 minutes movie. 

I mean, Raymond can’t tell me he did not fall in love with Daramola, even though he was employed to test her faithfulness. Ah ah, Raymond’s attitude in the 28 minutes of the movie doesn’t seem to me that he has not fallen in love.

Then secondly, why would Ayomide give Raymond that expensive car? It was very unrealistic. Well, it is because it is a movie. If it was real life, I am sure the guy will look for Daramola and continue the relationship with her. So, who will be the loser?

By the way, that faithfulness testing game was too much. Ahah, frankly, it is quite hard to stay faithful to someone who is miles away, not to talk of someone you have never met. The lady Daramola was extremely faithful to Ayomide to a certain point. I am sure all the emotions and urges she has over time had or that have been building for her unseen lover, Ayomide rushed out after a guy she can see, Raymond deceitfully professed love to her. Although, she made a mistake. Yorubas say Nkan ti o ni j, ma to wo (That means, whatever you know you can’t eat, do not taste it.) She should have just continued avoiding the guy.

Blind date? Is that realistic in this 21st century? Then, at the beginning of the movie, 6 minutes into the movie, Daramola said Ayomide sent part of his body, and not face to her (Can you just imagine)

Kindly feel free to share your thought on this movie if you have watched it. Thanks

Cast and crew

Joseph Momodu acted as Raymond, Princess Tosin Abolaji acted as Daramola, Rotimi Salami acted as Ayomide, Temitope Akinyemi acted as Jato, Selat Adebowale acted as Bintu, Mide Abiodun Martins acted as Eyinju, Jane Ohaeri acted as bar tender, Felix Igwe, Ibrahim Mariam, Tileoba Ayomikun

Music – Kafeyi, Kyefi, @kayefioosha

Editor– Adekunle Damilare )Mr Dre( @mrdrefilms

Producer, Princess Ouwatosin Abolaji @princessstosinn

Executive producer- Temitope Akinyemi

Director– Sanusi Izihaq

Integrity Icon Films Productions

Royal Majesty Prodction

Year of release: 2021

Duration: 1 hour 24 minutes

Post-production: Golden studio filmwork

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