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synopsis and what is the movie bury me about
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Synopsis to the movie Bury Me

A young teenager- Zaram (Acted by Sharon Ifedi) and her mother have a fatal accident and die instantly on their way to Zaram’s school to pay her fees.

Zaram’s ghost is restless and moves around in search of where to stay till she and her mummy her buried. One night, she stumbles on a poor gateman, Obiora (Acted by Zubby Michael) whose boss traveled leaving him all alone to take care of his mansion and other property.

Zaram seeks help from Obiora. She lies to Obiora that her school bus forgot her in a venue. She pleads that he should allow her to lay her head in his house for one night. Obiora reluctantly agrees.

That night, Obiora receives a call from his mother, Ijenu (Acted by Blessing Nwankwo), and sister, Adanne (Acted as Chizoba Nwokoye). His mother and sister tell him about an unsettled debt that is about to cost them their only inherited land. They need 80,000 naira urgently or risk forfeiting the land. 

Poor Obiora does not have money. Ghost Zaram can tell that he needs money and offers to help him. Obiora is surprised. She gives him a mysterious A.T.M card with no name and hiddien account details. You can’t see the money in the account, but you can withdraw any amount. Obiora withdraws 80,000 naira and sends it to his mother and sister.

As time goes by, Zaram decides to further help Obiora and asks him to withdraw any amount he can spend within 90 days cause all he withdraws and acquire with the money will vanish after 90 days.

Obiora suspects there is something spiritual about Zaram, but obeys her. However, he greedily transfers billions of naira into his account; an amount he can never finish spending within 90 days.

Obiora then pleads with Zaram to make the money last longer than 90 days, but Zaram says it can’t be extended.

One day, Obiora stumbles on his printer friend, (Acted by Ikechukwu Anyanso). In his office, he discovers the burial poster of Zaram and her mother. He immediately figures it out that he has been accomodating a ghost. It dawns on him that Zaram is a roaming spirit that granted him access to the treasury of the immortal which no mortal has access to. When he returns home, Zaram already vanished.

Obiora goes diabolic in a bid not to let the billions of naira he transferred from the mysterious A.T.M disappear. He is told that he should find Zaram’s body and make sure that she is not buried. 

Obiora kidnaps Zaram’s corpse and keeps it in his house. Zaram is tormented and pleads with Obiora to release her corpse so her family members can bury her.

But when Zaram starts dealing with him, he hurriedly returns her corpse.

Bury Me Review

This is the first time I am watching Zubby Michael’s film, and I must say he is a fantastic actor. I have just been reading about him on social media platforms where I first heard about him.

I love this movie; very interesting dialogues and a terrific interpretation of roles by the actors. I love the village setting.

I am however wondering why Zaram said Obiora could only spend the money on food. This is because, he spent the m0oney on other things aside food, and nothing happened

Some notable dialogues:

  • Wahala be like bicycle.
  • It is very difficult to find a virgin, talk more of three. Where you wan see virgin? Are you solving the problem or adding to it? (40-46 minutes of the movie.)
  • I want to buy the whole school (49 minutes of the movie.)
  • Blood of Jesus cover me
  • You should have grabbed him, and beat the charm out of him. (1 hour 59 minutes)
  • Don’t worry about our guns, we only use them when necessary. (2hours:30minutes)
  • Will you shut up, what does your other side look like? (3 hours 4 minutes)
  • Not even someone, a confused person (3 hours 21 minutes.)

Cast and crew

Zubby Michael acted as Obiora, Zaram acted as Sharon Ifedi, Ify Ezeh acted as Kosi, Blessing Nwankwo acted as Ijenu, Tara Frank acted as Ikenna, Amechi Anekwe acted as Pastor, Chizoba Nwokoye acted as Adanne, Marvelous Ekuma acted as Nicholas, Saint Mikevine acted as Male Attendant, Deman Edward acted as Flash, Okere Joseph acted as Jack, Tochukwu Toma acted as Stone, Tessy Diamond acted as Ugegbe, Ikechukwu Anyanso acted as Printer, Derek Uzor acted as Tanko, Godwin Uwakwe acted as Kachi.

Written and produced by: Rhema Johnson Emmanuel

Producer: Chibuike Chukwujimbe

Associate Producer: Orji Paul Chidiebere

Executive producer: Chuibuike Godfrey Chukwujimbe

Director: Rhema Johnson Emmanuel

Production house: Mighty finger of God

Year: 2021

Country: Nigeria

Duration: 4 hours 22 minutes

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