(Spotlight) Ogefash interview with the headteacher of Kerith Brook School: Mrs. Adeleye “A living school!”

interview with an african headteacher of Kerith Brook school- Mrs Adeleye
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Mrs. Adeleye is currently the headteacher of the Kerith Brook School. She has been heading the school for over three years. She is one headteacher every parent secretly and loudly prays to have as a head of school; which to them has been granted. 

She is welcoming, accommodating, understanding, tactful, proactive, intelligent, and skilled. Her tenure as the headteacher of the school has witnessed lots of tremendous change and growth in the school. 

Kerith Brook has witnessed an increase in pupils, better school management and the school has been placed among the top schools in the world. She has proven that she has all it takes to head the school. 

On a visit to the school, you would hardly know she is the headteacher because of this free and easy flow she has encouraged among the staff, which every staff knows never to be taken for granted. Her free flow is to allow all staff to easily contribute their quota to the school without feeling like someone is of a domineering attitude.

There is the head-teacher-to-student relationship, which enables the students to voice out and not pent up whatever they are going through. 

Under her tenure, there is also the headteacher and staff relationship, enabling true oneness in the whole school.

According to the assistant headteacher of Kerith Brook school, Mrs Apako, 

“Mrs. Adeleye is a seasoned class teacher. She is very vast in “EYES”, that is Early Years Education Foundation Structure. She has brought in lots of creative ideas into the school which has, in turn, brought good changes and tremendous growth to the school. She is in touch with everyone; parents, pupils, and staff of the school. Her relationship with everyone is cordial. The headteacher is very friendly with the students and teachers and even securities. We relate like one family. You would hardly know she is the headteacher. She is humble to a fault. She is amiable, selfless, and responsive. She is doing a great job. I am really commending her work.”

The Kerith Brook School is indeed blessed to have Mrs. Adeleye as the headteacher of the school.

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