(Spotlight) Ogefash interview with Kerith Brook School Secretary: Ms. Faith Otete Isoken “A school capable of bringing positive changes to children!”

interview with the secretary of kerith brook- Faith Otete Isoken
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I started working at Kerith Brook School in February, and so far; the experience has been terrific. One thing that can’t be unnoticed about this school is that it has the heart of every child in mind. 

The purpose of establishing the school is to savage the Christian school. The school is owned by a church; The New Heritage Baptist Church (NHBC). The fact that it is owned by a church doesn’t mean the school is for Christians alone. It is for all religions. 

The church runs the day-day activities of the school. Some of the church members are part of the educational board. Some are professors, and they understand the learning process. Hence, since they have the skill, they came together, harnessed them to build a brighter future for children.

Since the school is under the church, it looks at the spiritual aspect of the children. Kerith Brook is out to impact the pupils academically, socially, and spiritually. It is an open field for all forms of learning. They have effective skills capable of bringing positive changes in pupils.



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