Should sex be daily? Is it normal?

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There is a male neighbor of mine that loves to sleep with different ladies every day.

If he slept with Ava yesterday, it would be Charlotte; tomorrow, it may be Sophia. What a promiscuous life!

So, away from my neighbour.

I asked myself, should s-x be every day, and I answered, “Yes!”

Yes, I reiterate that it is okay to have s-x every day if you feel like it (whether in the room, bathroom, kitchen or on the floor), if you are not being pressured to do so, or putting aside essential things for that s-x.

Imagine you have a deadline for a particular job and choose s-x over the deadline; you are a goner.

But, with the over-busy world, is it realistic to have s-x every day?

Well, whatever your response is if you must do it daily, ensure you stick to only one faithful partner, use a condom to avoid s-x-ally transmitted disease, use birth control; in fact, just get married

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