“Secrets In The Building” Synopsis, Cast and Crew

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“Secrets In The Building” Synopsis

Mrs. Michelle Green’s (Acted by Shemeka Wright) and her daughter, Norah Green (Acted by Kia Dosey) discovered the scary secrets filled in the new apartment they moved into after her husband’s death.

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“Secrets In The Building” Cast

Shemeka Wright acted as Michelle Green, Kia Dorsey acted as Norah Green, Justin Berti acted as Josh, Katelin Chesna acted as Helene Mathieson, Tori Griffith acted as Channing Mathieson, Allison Ye acted as Amanda, Noah Fearnley acted as Aiden, Alexander Harris acted as Principal, Rob LaColla Jr. acted as Officer Evans, Zaya Kolia acted as Griffin, John J Jordan acted as Lawrence, Ria Ridley acted as Coach Bradley.


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