(+Full Cast and Crew) Movie Synopsis: Season of The Witch Reloaded starring Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman…

season of the witch fullcast, crew and synopsis
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(+Full Cast and Crew) Movie Synopsis: Season of The Witch Reloaded

It is the season of the witches. In a particular town, three ladies were found culpable of sorcery. They were chained on their wrists and feet and thrown into the bridge. A ritual was afterward to ensure their bodies don’t rise again. 

Meanwhile, in another town, lives and properties were decimated by a plague. The monks felt a girl (Claire Foy) was the cause of the plague. They want her dead or her powers nullified so that the plague will end.

But one of the knights, Behman (Nicolas Cage), who just arrived in the town, wants her to be given a fair trial. 

So, under a dying cardinal’s order to take her to a monastery for a fair trial, Behman along with four others, (Ron Perlman), Kay (Robert Stephen), Deblezaq (Stephen Campbell Moore) and Hagamar (Stephen Graham) risked their lives and traveled to a distant monastery.

On getting to the monastery where the monks will perform a ritual to end the plague, the knights discover that they have all been killed by the plague, and demons inhabited the place.

They find a dying monk who points to where the Book of Solomon is so they could perform the ritual. However, a battle ensues between the knights and the demons killing most of them.

In the end, Kay performs the ritual which destroys the demons. Kay and the girl make it out alive. 

Season of the Witch Full Cast and Crew

Season of the Witch Cast

Nicolas Cage acted as Behmen, Ron Perlman acted as Felson, Stephen Campbell Moore acted as Deblezaq, Stephen Graham acted as Hagamar, Ulrich Thomson acted as Eckhart, Claire Foy acted as The Girl, Robert Stephen acted as Kay, Christopher Lee acted as Cardinal Dambroise, Kevin rees acted as Dying monk, Andrew Hefler acted as Jail Bailiff, Fernanda Dorogi acted as Old woman (Givaudan), Rebekah Kennedy acted as Peasant Turk Girl, Matt Devere acted as Sergeant in arms, Robert Banlaki acted as Livery boy, Barna Illyes acted as Cardinals priest, Kevin Killebrew acted as Demon Voice, Simone Kibby acted as midwife, Elen Rhys acted as a peasant girl, Nicki Sidi acted as a priest, Rory Mccann acted as Soldier Commander, Nicola Sloane acted as a spinster, Lisa Marie Dupree acted as Tavern Girl, Gergely Horpacsi, Laszlo Imre, Norbert Kovacs, Zsolt Magyari acted as Soldiers


Written by: Bragi Schut

Producer: Charle Roven, Alex Garthner

Executive producer: Alan G Glazer, Tom Karnowski, Ryan Kavanaugh, Steve Alexander, Tucker Tooley

Directed by Dominic Sena

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