Ogefash Match Making Agency (OMMA) “Be ready to catch your match!”

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Ogefash Match Making Agency (OMMA) 

A Good Start! A Happy Ending!!! Only @ OMMA

(Ogefash Match Making Agency)

Match Making now Safer with Ogefash Match Making Agency (OMMA). Be Ready To “Catch Your Match!!!” 

You don’t have to fear saying yes to that date anymore. It’s okay to leap with “Ogefash Match Making Agency (OMMA).” 

“Ogefash Match Making Agency (OMMA,” is a Nigerian Match-Making online site with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The dating website and app currently have hundreds of members within a few months of establishment. Our traffic already spans the 36 states in Nigeria.

It’s a 100% secured online dating site. We ensure the safety of all registered members on our online dating site. We always go the extra mile to confirm the information provided by members the moment they create their profiles.

Regardless of your status- short, tall, dark, light-skinned, slim, fat, working class, unemployed, self-employed, educated, yet to be educated, sophisticated, rich, stylish; we have someone for everybody. 

Don’t be perplexed when I say we equally have someone for the hot-tempered, cool-tempered, funny, weird, extroverts, or introverts.

There are already beautiful and handsome suitors ready to connect with you and instantly build a home with you. This is the number 1 active online dating community with active members, singles and all that want to connect. Our members are not only active on Valentine’s, New Year’s, Christmas, or Eid Mubarak days; it is 24/7 activeness. 

Our connection goes beyond fun or adventurous sake; it is for serious-minded people ready to walk the aisle in the next 4 months to one year.

We are not “Almighty,” but our Algorithms connect you to the one for you, the bone of your bone, and the flesh of your flesh from the answers you filled about yourself when you were creating a profile. 

In creating your profile, you would need to provide information such as age, gender, picture (full and portrait), location, color, height, weight, position in the family, occupation, work address, home address, genotype, blood group, likes, dislikes, interests, guarantor and so on. This information helps strengthen our security system. Our online dating site goes beyond text chat; it allows for audio and video chat.

“Ogefash Match Making Agency,” doesn’t segregate in terms of religions, we accept all religions. It is an indigenous site specially designed for you. However, our online dating platform has age restrictions. You have to be between the age bracket of 24 and 35 to access the “OMMA,” site. We don’t do same-sex unison.

Here is why you should not just read about us, but, you should quickly click the subscription button, and join our online dating site

  1. Active members 24/7.  
  2. No Faceless Date. 
  3. Text/Audio/Video Chat.
  4. Share multiple pictures. 
  5. Share event or fun pictures
  6. Freedom “Monitored.”
  7. We handle all the bills on your first date. We host you in a cozy environment but in a populated place.
  8. Convenient and easy match-making
  9. Compatibility is our watchword
  10. Get connected to your perfect pair within a blink of an eye
  11. Protecting members is not an option, but a must!!! We take precautions ahead of you. We do not only get the details of each matched member but that of their family members and one or two friends. We make sure they sign an agreement to hint their friend or family member of any plan with their date.
  12. Long-lasting relationships!!!
  13. Insurance covers all registered members
  14. Physical and virtual connection.
  15. An arrest would be made for an assault on registered members.
  16. We have a community platform for all registered members where they can earn something weekly or monthly, We would include your profile on Ogefash Match Making Agency Community at no extra charge.

Sign up now, only, if you are tired of “A Sad Ending!!!” Get a Happy Ending with us: The Me and You go (will) last forever spouse!!!

Sign up now, only, if you are tired of “Being single over and over again!!!” Get a perfect match with us, and say bye-bye to being a certified loner!!!

Sign up now, only, if you are tired of “Fake love!!!” True love still exists. You will find them on Ogefash Match Making Agency (OMMA) !!!

Sign up now, only, if you are tired of “A succinct relationship!!!” You will enjoy a long-lasting relationship with us- not the type that ends after a week or a month.!!!

Sign up now, only, if you are tired of “Other online dating sites that have failed you!!!” TBH, OMMA won’t; it is trusted and verified!!!

Get matched right away!!! 



WhatsApp: +2348087261006

Instagram @ogefashphotoblog @officialosmh

Twitter @ogefash

Blogs: www.ogefash.reviewwww.ogefash.comwww.ogefash.reviews

Other benefits from OMMA

  1. Enjoy dating tips on our blog that will serve as a guide for a good and healthy relationship.

Subscription is not Free!!!

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