(+Synopsis+ Cast+ Crew) Movie Review: Netflix Series “Blood Sisters” “Kola’ Ademola’s Disappearance.”

I have asked myself several times, are these reactions to Kola’s (Acted by Deyemi Okanlawon) disappearance realistic? 

Who was Kola Ademola in the movie you may ask?

Kola Ademola was the second son of Uduak Ademola (Acted by Kate Henshaw). He was an abuser. He was the object of envy to his siblings as he was their mum’s favorite child and the one that headed the company.

While, the remaining two siblings, Femi Ademola, and Timehin (Acted by Gabriel Afolayan and Genoveva Umeh respectively) tussle hard to own their late father’s successful company, Kola did not have to join them in the tussle, as his mum, made him head over them.

However, on Kola’s wedding day, his bride’s best friend, Kemi (Acted by Nancy Isime) shot him after he attempted to kill Kemi’s best friend, his bride, Sarah (Acted by IniDima Okojie).

This happened in the hotel room while the wedding guests waited for the bride and groom to appear, so the ceremony could kick start.

However, hours passed and no one saw the groom, Kola, and no one was suspicious. Kola’s friend, Akin (Acted by Daniel Etim Effiong) was not suspicious, Kola’s mother, Uduak was not suspicious, and his brother, Femi (Acted by Gabriel Afolayan) who wanted to kill him wasn’t suspicious. Maybe his sister, Timehin (Acted by Genoveva Umeh) was a bit suspicious, but her suspicion was only towards her brother, Femi.

But, the question I keep asking is, how can a person of that age just disappear from his occasion, and no one feels something is amiss? How realistic is that scene? How realistic is the scene where Kemi and Sarah carried Kola’s dead body without being seen by any of the hotel staff? How realistic is “Blood Sisters season 1?”

But again, I looked at it that people’s lackadaisical reaction to Kola’s disappearance was partially realistic based on the fact that Kola’s mum, Uduak never envisaged that coming his son’s way. She has always seen Kola as a brave person who always got away with things whether right or wrong. Also, on the night Kola was killed, she felt he walked out on wretched Sarah and her family (Acted by Uche Jombo and Keppy Ekpenyoung) So, rather than get worried about his disappearance, she decided to rejoice that he walked out of the relationship, oblivious that his son was already murdered.

What a careless mother I must say!

What do you all think?

What is the “Netflix Series,” Blood Sisters about “Synopsis”?

“Blood Sisters,” tells the story of “three disunited siblings comprising two males and female, Kola Ademola, Femi Ademola, and Timehin (Acted by Deyemi Okanlawon, Gabriel Afolayan, and Genoveva Umeh respectively). 

The three of them tussle hard for ownership of their late father’s successful company, which unknown to them was killed by their mother, Uduak Ademola (Acted by Kate Henshaw) after he discovered she was cheating on him with her ex-lover (Acted by Zack Orji.)

Uduak Ademola, however, rather than hand the company to her first child, Femi, handed it to her second child, Kola. Kola was not only Uduak’s favorite child but also a child she had for her ex-lover while still married to her legal husband. 

Meanwhile, Kola Ademola was killed on his wedding day after he attempted to kill his bride, Sarah Duru (Acted by Ini-Dima Okojie). He was shot by his bride’s best friend, Kemi Sanya (Acted by Nancy Isime.)

Weeks passed, and it got to Uduak’s ears that Sarah and Kemi were behind Kola’s death. Uduak ordered her loyal bodyguard Uncle B (Acted by Ramsey Noah) to look for the ladies who were now on the run. Uduak bribed the uniformed men to search for the ladies and personally hand them to her so she could kill them the same way they killed her son, Kola. Inspector Joe (Acted by Wale Ojo) refused to be bribed, but Inspector Tijano (Acted by Segun Arinze) gladly received the bribe.

After a vigorous search, they finally found Kemi and Sarah. The bribed uniformed men handed the ladies to Uduak Ademola.

Uduak ordered her remaining children, Femi and Timehin to kill the ladies, Kemi and Sarah, offering them the company they have always wanted to own as compensation. Femi couldn’t bring himself to kill humans like him. Timehin a drug addict was brave enough to. However, rather than kill the two ladies, Kemi and Sarah, Timehin instead killed all that were on the scene, her brother, Femi, his wife, Olayinka (Acted by Kehinde Bankole), and mum’s bodyguard, Uncle B, leaving her mum, Uduak, and the two culprits. Next, she pointed the gun at her mum. What do you think happened next? Find out in the link below:

Netflix series “Blood Sisters” Cast and Crew

Blood Sisters Cast

Nancy Isime acted as Kemi Sanya, Ini Dima-Okojie acted as Sarah Duru, Deyemi Okanlawon acted as Kola Ademola, Gabriel Afolayan acted as Femi Ademola, ·Genoveva Umeh acted as Timehin, Wale Ojo acted as Inspector Joe, Ramsey Noah acted as Uncle B, Kate Henshaw acted as Uduak Ademola, Kehinde Bankole acted as Olayinka, Daniel Etim Effiong acted as Akin, Segun Arinze acted as Tijano, Uche Jombo acted as Uchenna, Keppy Ekpenyong Bassey acted as Ifeanyi, Patrick Doyle acted as Jahdiel Olaoluwa Akinrowo acted as F.I Ademola, Okey Uzoeshi acted as Winston, Toke Makinwa acted as Abasiama, Tope Tedela acted as Dr. Adeoye, Mohammed Musa acted as Bike Man, Wofai Fada acted as Princess, Omobola Akinde acted as Big girl, Zara Udofia acted as Sister Rose,Ezugo Egwuagu acted as Olayinka’s Security Detail, Anee Icha acted as Regina, Demi Banwo acted as Orderly 3, Abigail Gogo acted as Olayinka’s Body Double, Lord Frank acted as Mr.Ademola, Uzoamaka Onuoha acted Hotel Cerk, Chris Iheuwa acted as Sarahs Uncle, Emmanuel Ayobamidele acted as Kola Stunt double, Qazeem Onipade acted as Blade Stunt Double, Berkley Onaro acted as Attractive Barman, Obinna Montero acted as Barman, Michael Paul acted as Kolas Security Detail, Taiwo Balogun acted as Uduak’s security detail, Aaron Sunday acted as Hotel Security, Waliu Fagbemi acted as Rehab Employee, Abiodun Kassim acted as Hotel Laundry Security Guard, Rhoda Albert acted as Presenting Lady, Tomiwa Sage Kukoye acted as Hotel Security Guard

Special Guest Appearance

Zack Orji, Toyin Ajeyemi, Derenle Edun, Naomi Sequeira, Blair McDonough, Tamala Shelton, Sabana Azeez, Patrick Atchison.

Blood Sisters Crew

Directed by Kenneth Gyang 

Story by Craig Freimond, Mo Abudu, Temidayo Makanjuola, Zelipa Zulu, Heidi Uys, Tamara Alhie

Written by Zelipa Zulu

Created by Temidayo Makanjuola

Executive producer– Mo Abudu

Producers– Temidayo Makanjuola, Priscilla Nwanah, Quinty Pillay

Associate Producers– James Amuta, Ade Oshin

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Parts: Parts 1-4

Duration: Over 2 hours for the 4 parts

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