(+Full Cast + Crew) Plot Summary/Movie Synopsis- Anikulapo: Starring- Sola Sobowale, Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, Hakeem Kae Kazeem, Taiwo Hassan, Afolayans

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“Anikulapo,” is a 2022 Nigerian drama. The major actors in the movie are Kunle Remi (Saro), Bimbo Ademoye (Arolake), Sola Sobowale (Awarun), Taiwo Hassan (Alaafin Ademuyiwa), Hakeem Kae Kazeem (Oba Aderoju), Ronke Ojo (Olori Agba), Moji Afolayan (Olori Wojuola), Aisha Lawal (Olori Sukanmi), and Fathia Williams Balogun (Ojumo Queen)

What is the movie “Anikulapo,” about? Anikulapo Synopsis

A young handsome aso-ofi weaver, Saro Tewogbola (Acted by Kunle Remi) caught the fancy of many women both old and young in Oyo Empire. His muscular stature and fine face made women like Awarun (Acted by Sola Sobowale), Arolake/Alaafin Ademuyiwa’s youngest wife (Acted by Bimbo Ademoye), Princess Omowunmi (Acted by Eyiyemi Afolayan), and other women interested in having a relationship with him.

But Saro’s heart longed only for Arolake even though she was married to Alaafin Ademuyiwa (Acted by Taiwo Hassan). Arolake was given to Alaafin Ademuyiwa as a wife by her father at the age of 15 which felt like imprisonment to her. Sighting Saro and loving him, at first sight, seemed like the opportunity to escape from prison. Arolake and Saro started a secret affair and planned to elope. But their plan was thwarted and their affair came out in the open when one of the king’s daughters, Princess Omowunmi (Acted by Eyiyemi Afolayan), who was also interested in dating Saro discovered their secret and exposed them.

Saro was captured and beaten to death. He was afterward thrown into the sacred forest. Arolake secretly followed the villagers to the sacred forest and watched as they dumped Saro’s corpse there. As they left, she slept beside Saro’s corpse.

But as soon as Arolake sensed the mystical Akala bird who had the power to resurrect the dead was close by she hid and watched it resurrect Saro and ask him the cause of his death.

The Akala bird wasn’t pleased with Saro’s cause of death and was about to send him to the great beyond when Arolake risked her life to save Saro from a second death.

Saro after resurrecting from the dead now had the power to defeat death in his hands made possible by his lover Arolake. He was able to raise the dead and was given the title “Anikulapo.” But despite having such power, he was not able to defeat his second death.

“Anikulapo,” Plot Summary

A handsome traveler, Saro Tewogbola (Acted by Kunle Remi) was tired after traveling from his place in Gbongan to another place, Oyo Empire. As he slept on the chair, a wealthy woman, Awarun (Acted by Sola Sobowale) who was into clay molding approached him. 

Saro told Awarun that he was an Aso-ofi weaver. Awarun took interest in him. She advised Saro to work a little and then save up money to start the kind of business he wanted.

Awarun employed Saro and also housed him. She found him attractive and also got s€xually involved with him. Awarun soon gave him a house as well as money to start his aso-ofi business.

Awarun and Saro’s relationship hit a rock when Saro discovered that she was seeing other men beside him.

Awarun however linked Saro to the Alaafin Ademuyiwa’s (Acted by Taiwo Hassan) household where he made beautiful attires for the Queens- Olori Agba, Olori Wojuola, Olori Sukanmi, Olori Arolake (Acted by Ronke Ojo, Moji Afolayan, Asha Lawal and Bimbo Ademoye respectively) the princesses and princes. But as soon as Saro set his eyes on the youngest queen, Arolake, he immediately fell in love with her.

Both Saro and Arolake started a secret affair. One of the Alaafin’s daughters, Princess Omowunmi (Acted by Eyiyemi Afolayan) who was also interested in having an affair with Saro found out about their affair. The night Saro and Arolake planned to elope they were discovered. Saro was killed and dumped in the sacred forest where Arolake slept beside his corpse. She hid as soon as she sensed the mystical Akala bird was close by.

The mystical Akala bird resurrected Saro. After hearing Saro’s story, the bird was displeased with him and called him a betrayer. It was about to send Saro to the great beyond but Arolake hit the bird and it flew away, but, the object the Akala bird used to resurrect the dead fell off. Arolake immediately picked it up and hid it.

Moments after, Arolake and Saro journeyed to another town, Ojumo headed by Oba Aderoju (Acted by Hakeem Kae Kazeem). After walking tirelessly for weeks, they stumbled on a hunter (Acted by Yinka Quadri) who helped them. 

The hunter’s son Akin died and this made him, his wife, and his loved ones sad. Arolake remembered the object the Akala bird used to resurrect Saro. She handed the object to Saro and told him about it. Saro used it to wake Akin and he was instantly given the title Anikulapo. Saro became very wealthy and famous. The family of whoever he resurrected blessed him richly with food and money. 

The Oba of Ojumo (Acted by Hakeem Kae Kazeem), Ashoun Oba (Acted by Ropo Ewenla), Oba’s wife (Acted by Fathia Williams Balogun), and his chiefs (Acted by Adebayo Salami, Dele Odule,

Sunday Omobolanle, Samson Eluwole, Adedeji Aderemi, Bashiru Ishola, Razaq Olayiwola, Toyin Afolayan, and Toyin Ogundeji) got to hear about his resurrection power and invited him to the palace.

But soon, the power, fame, and wealth intoxicated Saro and he became a betrayer again.

Who did he betray? Did he survive this time? Find out here

“Anikulapo,” Cast

Kunle Remi acted as Saro, Bimbo Ademoye acted as Arolake, Sola Sobowale acted as Awarun, Hakeem Kae Kazeem acted as Oba Aderoju, Taiwo Hassan acted as Alaafin Ademuyiwa, Ropo Ewenla acted as Asohun Oba, Fathia Williams Balogun acted as Queen Ojumo, Adedoja Adeyemi acted as Princess Ajoke, Awoyinfa Ekebuibon acted as Prince Adeoye, Yemi Elebuibon acted as Baba Fakunle, Ariyike Owolagbe acted as Omowon, Temitope Komolafe acted as Bimpe, Ronke Ojo acted as Olori Agba, Moji Afolayan acted as Olori Wojuola, Aisha Lawal acted as Olori Sukanmi, Eyiyemi Afolayan acted as Princess Omowunmi, Adebowale Adedayo acted as Akanji, Yinka Quadri acted as Hunter, Kunle Afolayan acted as Akano.

Other casts

Oyo Chiefs

Babatunde Bamgbode

Kazeem Aderoju

Adeoye Adewale

Ayandotun Emmanuel

Ojumo Chiefs

Adebayo Salami

Dele Odule

Sunday Omobolanle

Samson Eluwole

Adedeji Aderemi

Bashiru Ishola

Razaq Olayiwola

Toyin Afolayan

Toyin Ogundeji

“Anikulapo,” Crew

Written by: Kent Edunjobi (Hassan Kehinde)

Story Development: Shola Dada, Kunle Afolayan

Story Inspired by: Fayemi Elebuibon

Screenplay: Shola Dada

Editor: Temitope Folarin

Colorist: Jason Moffat

Sound recordist: Paul Adu

Music Composer/Final mixer: Anu Folayan

Makeup: Hakeem Effect

Producer/Executive producers: Kunle Afolayan

Associate producer: Seun Soyinka

Line producer: Seun Akintunde

Art Director/Production designer: Kunle Afolayan Folorunshoani

Director: Kunle Afolayan

 Subtitle Translation: Anu Akiyode

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes

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