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(+Lyrics + Meaning + Translation) Music review: Ale Yi by Zlatan

Ale yi is a Yoruba word in Nigeria that means “This night.”

Lyrics to Ale Yi by Zlatan




(Niphkeys, Niphkeys)

Kapachumarimari chupaco

Astala, astala

Oh baby, ah, say-say

Verse 1

Overthinking no fit solve problem (Overthinking can not solve the problem)

Better days are coming, mawobe (Mawobe, mawobe) (Better days are coming, don’t look at what you are going through)

Ibi ori ma de, a de’be (A de’be) (You will surely get to the place your head is destined to be.)

Pa’ronu ti, ko se faji repete, yeahhh (Do away with worries and do a lot of celebration/partying)

Say (I said)


I can’t come and kill myself, ah (Kill myself)

Make another man come chop my sweat (Chop my sweat) (For another man to eat my sweat/labor.)

T’emi t’oti ba, koni baje (Koni baje) (Even though my life has issues, it will not be destroyed.)

E bami w’omo ti ko kin kiss and tell (kiss and tell) (Help me look for a babe that doesn’t kiss and tell)

Toripe se (Because)


Ale yi a le, ale koko, ale (This night will be so hard/different/serious)

What is the song “Ake Yi” by Zlatan about

The artist, Zlatan actually talks about different things, even though the chorus basically talks about how he is going to spend his night; he intends to have wild fun and wild …

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Kiss and tell in this song means to go about telling people about your romance or s-x-al romp with someone( especially with celebrities) to other people.

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