(+Meaning) Portable ft Olamide, Pocolee “Zazoo Zeh [Remix]” Explained and Lyrics in English

lyrics, meaning and translation of the song zazoo zeh by portable ft olamide and pocolee
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This song though interesting is just promoting fraud/internet crime (Yahoo Yahoo) in the Society. It is also encouraging heartlessness in the society, especially that Olamide’s verse. It was all about being wicked; whether it is wickedness to evil ones or good ones, he did not specify. 

Interestingly, a lot of Nigerians love Olamide’s lyrics more and also sing the verse with an “I don’t care” or “I don’t give a sh-t” face. More like wicked face like the artist said in his verse.

What is the meaning of Zeh?

Zeh can mean something has become rosy. It can mean something has happened or entered. It can mean victory, success, movement, failure, disappointment, loss of opportunity and so on.

It has no singular meaning. Its meaning can change depending on context.

You can use it in a negative or positive situation.

For instance: Oti zeh Funmi can translate to “It has become rosy for me,” or “She has given way for me.”

Ma lo zeh o can translate to “Don’t be dull.”

So really, you can zeh anyhow you like. So, tell me, how will you use your own zeh? Feel free to share via the comment box..

 (+Pictures) Read the full meaning of the song and the full review @ www.ogefash.reviews

Lyrics to Zazoo Zeh by Portable ft Pocolee and Olamide



Ara adugbo (zeh) (The whole neighbourhood)

Tuntun ti de oh (zehh) (New song has arrived)o

Zazoo (zeh)

O por l’eti (zeh) (It is much in your ear) 

O ye k’eti magbo (zeh) (You should have been hearing it)

Portable, Baddo, gbemi tabaye (zeh) (Portable, Baddo; take me…)


Baddo sneh (zeh)

Pepper sneh (zeh)

Many many were wa nle (zeh) (So many mad people are around.)

Ah, repete (zeh) (So many.)

Unruly (zeh)

Baddo Lee (zeh)

P Prime, gbemi de’be (zeh) (P Prime, take me there.)

Ah, ba’be je (zeh) (Spoil there.)

Azarailu, e pa (zehh)

Mofos’ can not keep am (zehh)

B-tch, I’ll be goin’ nonstop (zehh)

Huh, zazoo (zeh)

Shi, hacker (zeh)

Ika (zeh) (Wicked)

Tes’ojue (zehh) (Press it on his/her face.)

Tes’ojue bi ti alaga (zehh) (Press it on his/her face like a chairman.)

Eh, gaza (zeh)

Eje l’oju bi ti Abacha (zeh) (Blood on his/her face like that of Abacha

Ru’oju pa (zeh) (Squeeze your face.)

Le oju pa (zeh) (Squeeze your face.)

Ma rerin (zeh) (Don’t laugh.)

Kala (zeh) (Be wicked)

Daju (zeh) (Be heartless.)

Wu’wa ika (zeh) (Do wicked things.)


Zazoo (bizzah bizzah)

Poko tua (zeh)

On my way to ilu awon Osu (zeh) (On my way to Osu village.)

Nibi t’ema tin bo card oh (zeh) (Where you scratch card.)

O ko ma pade kolu (zeh) (He/she will meet Kolu.)

Y’o koma bo card oh (zeh) (He/she will just be scratching card.)

Osu to ‘n gb’oran oh (zeh) (It is the Osu that hears words)

L’oma pe ni kolu (zeh) (That people call Kolu.)

Zazoo (zeh)

Poko tua (zeh)

I do music for living (zeh)

Orin ni mo fin gawu (zeh) (I use music to brag)

Yahoo boy no laptop (zeh)

Poko tua (zehh)

O ‘n gb’owo lo (zeh) (Carting away money.)

Zazoo, bizzah bizzah oh (zehh)

Paka, paka, Poco Lee (zehh)

Poco Lee gbemi tabaye (zehh)

Jek’a jo zeh oh (zeh) 

Poco Lee, ogba dancer oh (zeh nkan to t’eri e) (Poco Lee a big/learned dancer.)

Set awon were onijo (shoe gbangben) (Set of mad dancers.)

Zazoo (zeh)

Poko tua (shoe gbangban)

N’she lo jawon l’aya oh (They are scaring them.)

Chain timo wo is a gadu (zeh nkan to t’eri e) (The chain that I wore is quality/expensive/substance.)

Ago timo wo is a gadu (zehh) (My wristwatch is quality/expensive/substance.)

(Zazoo) zazoo (zeh)

OPP, o por pa (zeh) (It is so much.)

O ma wo lo school (zeh) (Wear it to school.)

Shoe gbangban, bata yahoo (zeh) (Expensive/big shoe, yahoo shoe.)


Mo tun wa e wa (zeh) (I looked for you again.)

L’oba se ko ko ko oh (zeh)

Jek’a ba s’oro oh (kolu) (Let’s talk to him/her.)

Bizzah bizzah oh (kolu)

Zazoo (Osu)

Poko tua (zeh)

Poko tua meh meh meh oh (meh meh meh oh)

Zazoo (zeh)

Omo oro mi, t’oba ti zeh oh (zeh)

Malo zeh zeh kuzeh oh (zeh)

Jek’a jo zeh oh (zeh)

Shaolin temple (zeh)

Poko tua (zeh)

Ye ma shebi Zule Zoo (zeh) (Don’t act like Zule Zoo)

Sh’oya were to Black Amaru? (zeh) (Are you madder than black amaru.)

Da’yanmo, ko mu e mo’yan (zeh) (Recognise importan people, so they connect you great people.)

Sh’oma ngbo kogbagidi? (zeh) (Do you always hear that it is not by stubbornness?)

International promoter oh (zeh)

Poko tua (zeh)

Koko tua meh meh meh oh (meh meh meh oh)

Zazoo (zehh)

Poko tua (shaolin temple)

Emi ni were olorin (zeh) (I am the mad singer.)

Idamu adugbo yin (OPF, o por fa) (The troubler of your community.)

Wahala musician (zeh nkan to t’eri e) (The musician that makes trouble.)

O de pada oh (shoe gbangban) (I have returned.)

N’she lo jawon l’aya oh (zeh) (He/She is scaring people)

Bata timo wo is a gadu (shoe gbangban) (The shoe I am wearing is quality/expensive/Substance.)

Poko tua (zeh)

Azu, azu (zeh)

Azu, azu (zeh)

Ma ja bata funra e, wi pe ko k’azu (zeh) (Don’t cut your shoe…)

Iku to pa Jesu oh (zeh) (The death that killed Jesus.)

Case yen won o ri settle oh (zeh) (They are unable to settle the case.)

E le, en le yahoo (zeh)

Eni t’oba woko kin wo’ran (zeh) (Anyone who is ….doesn’t stare.)

Zazoo (zeh)

Mo ko lon gbo “who dey? who dey?” (zeh) (I am just hearing who is there.)

Sh’oma ngbo Abdul? (Ojo sneh) (Do you hear of Abdul?)

Omode olowo (zeh) (A small wealthy child.)

Won ni “omo yen ti sh’ogun owo” (zeh) (They said the young chap has dne rituals)

Won ni “o ti shesho” (bizzah bizzah)

Boya k’elo sh’ogun ise (shaolin-n) (May be you should go and do a charm for…)

Zazoo (koko tua)

Zazoo (zeh)

Ni’lu awon Osu (zeh) (In Osu village.)

Mo ma gbe e de’be oh (zeh) (I will take you there.)

Omolalomi (I am a welathy person)

Dem call me portable baby oh (They call me portable)

Son of shaku shaku oh (The son of Shaku shaku.)


Duration: 3 minutes 34 seconds

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