(+Meaning) Reekado Banks “Rora” Explained and Lyrics in English

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What is the song “Rora” by Reekado Banks about?

The word “Rora” is a Nigeria Yoruba word that means easily. I don’t know the kind of “Ijo” as in “Dance” that the girl is dancing; whether it is the normal one done on the dance floor or the “b-d” one, that is, a lady’s movement when… (View complete words here- https://ogefash.reviews/lyricstranslationmeaning-rora-by-reekado-banks-is-rora-not-too-slow-for-grooving-he-is-a-true-mavin-act/)

Perhaps, Reeky is talking about the latter. He is telling the lady to take it easy whenever they are having —or she should take it easy on the way she is rolling her behind and making him desire her. 

What do you all think?

View some of the lyrics that may indicate s-x

I am wondering though what Reekado means by this line

“Anytime you holla; make I come thru. I go tell my guys dem I no dey come soon”

Lastly, the way Reekado sang “Open and close like a laptop” is similar to the way his former boss- Don Jazzy sings. He truly learned from his former master; he is a true Mavin act. You may need to replay the song to understand ihe anam ko (as in to understand what I am saying.)

Lyrics to Rora by reekado banks 


Baby this your…

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Watch the video for the song “Rora” by Reekado Banks below

Duration: 3 minutes 51 seconds

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