(+Meaning) Portable ft Small Doctor “Neighbor” Explained and Lyrics in English

lyrics, meaning and translation of the song neighbor by portable ft small doctor
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Ahah, what kind of yeye (useless) song is this? Extremely vulgar! He did not even code the vulgar words.

Honestly, most of these musicians are not only promoting immorality but rape and lack of respect for women and their vagina (V). Just for money and traffic sake. Rada rada…

And to think he quickly went to the studio to thank God for how far he has brought him, only to release this extremely vulgar song. Yeye dey smell everywhere…

Moving on, because of the vulgarity of this song, some words will be shortened. For example

V means a woman’s female organ

D means a man’s male organ

F means the copulation between a man and a woman.

What is the song Neighbor by Portable ft Small Doctor all about?

A Neighbor is a person living next door to you or very close to you.

The song talks about the promiscuous lifestyle of women and men in the neighborhood and everywhere. It points out the dirty acts of some neighbors, in particular, neighbors sleeping around with themselves including the married ones.

The song also sees women as s-x-l object for the s-x-al desire of men.

Honestly, this song is just disparaging neighbors and not encouraging a good relationship with one’s neighbor. Anyone that listens to this song may now start being suspicious of his or her neighbor. It also disparages women. This is unfair about women!

Lyrics to Neighbor by Portable ft Small Doctor


Portable and Small Doctor

Ilu (Beat.)

Dem call me Portable baby (They call me Portable baby.)

Eh eh eh eh

You can call me Small Doctor (Hain)

Verse 1

Hello my neighbor

How are you doing 

Are you feeling ok

If you feeling ok

Je ki n ri owo e loke (Let me see your hand up)

Neighbour fi oko si obo neighbor (Neighbor put D- into V- of another neighbor)

Ko mo pe soldier l’oko neigbour (He doesn’t know that the neighbor’s husband is a soldier.)

If you wanna fi s’obo (If you want to put in in the V-)

Account balance yen ni (It depends on the account balance.)

Eyin obo adugbo wa (You the well-known V- in our neighborhood.)

Eyin le fi obo da mu adugbo wa (You used your V- to cause chaos in our neighborhood.)

Oko ni da mu obo yin (It’s D- that is disturbing your V-)

Owo l’oma n fi dobo yin (It is money that they will use to F- you.)

If you f- toto wey no sweet o (If you f- a V that is not sweet.)

F- another woman (F- another woman.)

Obo na sugar sugar (V- is sugar sugar)

 F- am very well (F-it very well.)

Toto wey no sweet na im dem dey use condom for (It is V- that is not sweet that they use a condom for.)

 Obo na sugar sugar (V- is sugar sugar)

 F—k am very well O (F—- it very well.)

 Domina domina do gba adura s’obo ko to do (F- , F-. Pray on a V- before you F- it.)

Yasi mimo (Sprinkle holy water on it)

E tan ina si obo ke to do (Light it be on fire before you F- it)

Omo ye ni isu n’obo (She has it in her V-)

O tun wa lehin lobo (She also has it in her V- )

O ni awun o ka la si obo (She is stingy and so wicked with her V-)

Verse 2 (Small Doctor and Portable)

Small Doctor

Eh eh eh eh

Awon omo Nintendo (Nintendo people)

Won ti gbe ti won lo o (They have carried theirs away)

Won ti e gbo nkan nkan mo, oro owo ni kan lo fe gbo (They do not even want to hear anything at all, they only want to hear about money.)

xxxxxxxxx, ko kan aiye (But, but doesn’t concern the world)

Won ni awon ma wo ankara wa (They said they would wear akara)

Lati wa jakara wa (To come and chop our D-)

Awa ta ti lo ankara ba

Everybody gba nka’ra wa (We all received somethingto energize the body.)

 Won ki na breadi o e le to ba fe lo ma san (They don’t price bread, just say the amount you want.)


Oni ki n sanwo kin to do (She said I should pay her before I f—–her)

 Toto no dey read meter na im make am no dey show signal (V—– doesn’t read meter, that’s why it doesn’t show signal..)

Oju —– obo ti baje

Kekere oko sakari e po (Small D-)

Obo te ponle l’Oshodi o (The V- that you praised in Oshodi)

Obo gold ni mushin won ti do pa L’Agege (The gold V- at Mushin, they have so much f- at Agege)

Everybody lo ma n do (Everybody f- it.)

Obo te n do la jo ma n do (We are both F- the V)

Ta lo ni kin ma do? (Who said I shouldn’t F- the V-?)

Ilu (Beat)

Duration: 1 minute 56 seconds

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