(+Meaning) Small Doctor “Hain” Explained and Lyrics in English

lyrics, meaning and translation of the african song hain by small doctor
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 Small Doctor in this song used independent lines to talk about different things. He talks about the world recognizing only wealthy people. He also talks about…

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Lyrics to Hain by Small Doctor.



Ori wa, o s’oju nu (You saw us but pretended not to see us.)

S’ole f’oju yen ri nkan ire mo sha? (Can you ever use the eyes to see good things.)

Holy, holy, holay (Hain, hain, hain)

Holy, holy, holay (Hain, hain, hain)


Oba Of Benin (Hain)

Oba Atokpe, eh (Hain) (Oba greetings!)

T’eba r’oba Yoruba, ka pa’riwo “kabiyesi oh” (Hain) (If you see a Yoruba king, make sure you shout “Kabiyesi.”)

Baba, ke gbo (Hain) (May you live long)

Baba, ke pe (Hain) (May you live long.)

Ko s’olode ni Ifo (Hain) (There is no security in Ifo.)

Amisu lo ‘n wa (Hain)

Some people dey (Hain)

Orobo lo ma ‘n like (Orobo, hain)

Some people dey (Hain) (There are some people)

Dem like lepa (Hain) (That like slim people)

Some people deyyyyy (Hain) (Some people)

Dem like bobby (Hain) (They like b-m)

Ehn, ge-ge (Ayewada? Hain) (Ge-ge) (Where is the space?)

Agege (Hain, ayewada) (Agege! Where is the space?)

Oti ge (Ayewada, hain) (Where is the space?)

Oya, f’ere ge (Hain, ayewada) (Now, run) (Where is the space?)

Na who lock up? (Hain) (Whoever locked up)

Na hin f—- up (Hain) (He is the one that f— up)

Wemami wemere (Hain)

O momi, o mo’yan (Hain) (If you don’t know me, you don’t know somebody.)

Kuboweti wa (Hain)

Ibo lo tin bo? (Hain) (Where are you coming from?)

Omo iyami, kala tan (hain, kala) (My friend, you are so wicked)

Olowo l’aye mo (Hain) (People only know the wealthy ones.)

Gbas, gbos (Hain)

O ti di gobe (Hain) (It has become a trouble.)

Mo ko r’eje ni (Hain) (I just saw blood)

Mio mo eni to sha (Hain) (I don’t know who they cut.)

Holy Michael (Hain)

Holy Gabriel (Hain)

Holy Uriel (Hain)

Won ri, won damo ke (Hain) (Can they see him and not even recognize him?)

Kilo ‘n je be? (Hain) (What does that mean?)

Won ri, won damo (Hain) (They saw him, and recognized him.)

Lo se n k’owo fun (Hain) (That’s why they are giving him so much money.)

Avoid see finish (Hain) (Avoid being worthless)

Maje ko ri e tan (Hain) (Don’t let him use you up or take you for granted.)

Omo iyami (Hain) (My friend.)

Omo better l’awa nje (Hain) (We are good kids.)

T’eba ti shayo (Hain) (If you are high on drinks)

Ijo yin ma por (Hain) (Your dance is always so much.)

Ejo yin ma ‘n por (Hain) (You will start talking too much.)

Yanma yanma yin ma ‘n por (Hain) (Your rubbish is always much)

Nobody die (Hain) (Nobody died.)

Nobody peme (Hain) (Nobody died.) 

You le ‘le (Hain) (You are down)

You call body (Hain) (You called somebody.)

O wa de’be (Hain) (He/she got there.)

O wa de’be tan oh (Hain) (After arriving there.)

T’oba wu (Hain) (If you swell)

T’oba te, o ma ku (Hain) (If you step on toes, you will die.)

Won a tu y’oku e ni were (Hain) (They will turn the dead body mad.)

Aye ma fuge (Hain)

Ilaje, awa ye ye (hain) (Ilaje people, we are here.)

Wemami wemere (Hain)

O momi, o mo’yan (Hain) (If you don’t know me, then you don’t recognise great people)

Ijakumo kin rin’de osan (Hain) (Jackal doesn’t walk in the afternoon.)

Eni a bi’re, kin rinrin oru (Hain) (A good child does not walk at night.)

Won bi awa ‘re (We were trained well.)

A de tun ma rinrin oru (We walk in the night or stay up late)

You can call me Small Doctor

Alafin Agege, Oluso Agege (Agege palace owner and shepherd of Agege.

Omo Better, omo to ‘n so (The one they talk about.)

Omo Iya Teacher, (hain) (The teacher’s son.)

Agege wa oh, ge-ge (There is Agege.)

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