(+Lyric song) Advert Review: Airtel’s *444# advert “Meet the voice behind the *444# commercial song!”

Meet the lady who sang airtel's 444 commercial song, Omolade OY
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Who sang the airtel’s commercial song “*444#?”

The voice behind Airtel’s *444# commercial song is Unilorin graduate Omolade Oyetundun. 

The Review

*444# is another advert from one of the largest network providers- Airtel. If you have been close to your screen and your eyes glued on trending online videos, you would agree that Airtel adverts always pop up. The network has been creative in its adverts and employs melodious tunes to complement all their adverts. This advert, however, doesn’t have any visuals yet. It is the first time Airtel is releasing an advert with no video.

Even though it has no visuals, the song-themed advert has already garnered lots of views on YouTube. I would say that Airtel surely knows how to capture the interest of their customers and prospective customers.

Message in the advert

There is an easier way of using Airtel’s services via the *444# code. Now, you don’t have to store up too many codes in your head. When you dial *444#, there will be a list of options for what you want.

Well, I just dialed it, and it brought out the option of

  1. Buy Airtime
  2. Buy Data
  3. Post paid
  4. Main menu

(+Translation) Lyrics to the *444# airtel’s commercial song!

Dun dun dun dun dun dun: *444#

La la la la la la, la la la la la la: *444#

You fit to do anything with the no (You can do anything with the number)

Everything easy; no long thing with 444 (Everything is easy; no long thing)

No dey scatter your brain with plenty numbers (You don’t need to get confused with too many numbers)

Abegi, je je je oh (Please, take it easy)

Dial the number *444# (Dial the number *444#)

Ore mi ma lo fo (Don’t be naïve)

O je sare lo *444# (Quickly used *444#)

Mo ni ma fo (Don’t be slow/naïve)

Ma lo go (Don’t be slow/dull)

Control code e dey your hand (The control code is in your hand)

*444# opor opor (*444#, it is plenty, plenty)

4 meta, is a meta 4 (It is four in three places; it is four in three places)

You can recharge for airtime jo (You can recharge for airtime)

You can subscribe for data jo jo jo (You can subscribe for fata)

Anywhere you dey, whatever you do: *444# (Wherever you are, whatever you do, use *444#

You can use the number oh (You can use the number)

Woy o wo yo oh: *444#

Yo yo yo yo yo weh, yo yow eh o: 444

“Airtel; the smart phone network”

Advert Song

I like the song used for this advert; it is melodious, just like the network’s theme song “Flenjo,” composed by Fireboy DML for another of their advert. 

About the *444# code

I love the introduction of the code. Airtel has excellent initiative, and I am sure other networks would soon take a cue. However, I am wondering, does the code have all options for the network’s services. I don’t think so! 

Because there is no option for account balance, data balance, and so on, in essence, people still need to store plenty of codes in their heads. Airtel may need to upgrade the code!

I also noticed that the code only works with the phone number associated with your bank account. Whatever transaction you want, the money will be deducted from your bank account.

Language: They sang in Pidgin and Yoruba; a Nigerian Language

Melody: Tuneful and catchy! Omolade Oyetundun did an excellent job

Duration: 1 minute 1 second

Remark A great initiative, but Airtel still needs to improve the features of that code as it has limited features.


Images source for Omolade: Premiumtimesng

Image source for other photos: www.ogefash.reviews

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