(+Full cast) Advert review: Nivea Body Lotion “Kenya’s Version”

kenya nivea advert full cast, images and review
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I like this Nivea advert, it is a very concise advert that lasted for just 25 seconds. It is not just short; it is very easy to comprehend.

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The Advert

In the first scene, a lady is seen happily applying Nivea lotion on her body. She is happy because the lotion leaves her body glowing.

In the second scene, while at work, she still can’t contain the joy of having glowing skin courtesy of Nivea moisturizer. She is so carried away with her glowing skin.

In the third scene, while at the restaurant, she still can’t contain the joy of having radiant skin. She and her friend are excited.

Advert Narrator

Discover the Nivea all-new nourishing cocoa lotion. Specially formulated with Nivea’s deep moisture serum and Africa’s natural cocoa for 48 hours deep moisture.

Glowing, nourishing radiant skin with cocoa moisture lotion from Nivea

The message in the advert

If you are looking for that perfect moisturizer that would make your skin glow and radiant for hours, then grab the Nivea Nourishing Cocoa Lotion. If your skin is one that is dry, go for this lotion which has a deep moisture serum, with cocoa butter and vitamin E to prevent dryness.

The Review

This advert was shot in a way that focused only on the solution to dry skins which is Nivea moisturizer. The advert has just about three scenes and features few people. 

So, after watching the advert, I am wondering which action takes place first when applying lotion to one’s body. Do you wear your cloth first before applying the lotion or you apply the lotion before wearing your cloth? I kind of have an issue with that…

Also, I am wondering why the images are so blurry; couldn’t get a clear picture quality.

But I love the model’s enthusiasm. She was eager to use the Nivea product and she was proud of the skin product result on her body as her skin kept glowing. She was very expressive.

So does this advert have the pull strategy – can it drive customers to go look for the product to buy and start using it? Well somewhat.


I love the tune. They did not go for the conventional method employed by most advertisers like the use of instrumentals. A melodious tune accompanied the advert. At some point though, the music overshadowed the message the narrator was trying to pass across which ought not to be so.


I love their costume, they were all well styled; especially the main lady.

Cast: The models are from Kenya.

Just wondering

  • Why the model applied the lotion after she was already clothed
  • Why were the images so blurry


The advert is interesting to watch. However, the pictures were blurry.

Duration: 25 seconds

Watch the video below


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