Meet Bolaji Hassan (BJ), one of ADRON Homes’ best TV Commercial directors. Read Ogefash interview with BJ to connect with celebrities like

bolaji hassan- octagon video director and adron homes video director
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Ogefash team hooked up with a multitalented video director, Bolaji Hassan aka BJ who started directing videos as early as 9. Bolaji Hassan currently shoots most of the TV commercials for the famous Pan-African real estate firm, ADRON Homes. Bolaji has got a creative vision which is evident in his videos.

He has also got a lively personality. His responses to our questions is a clear proof. Keep reading Ogefash Interview with BJ to know how to connect with him to connect with your other favorite celebrities.


Ogefash: Can we meet you?

Bolaji Hassan: I am Bolaji Hassan, BJ for short.

Ogefash: Can you share your educational background with us? Did your education prepare you for your current career, or would you ascribe it to self-knowledge?

Bolaji Hassan: I attended K. Kotun Memorial Primary School, and then moved on to Federal Government College, Odogbolu for my Secondary school education. 

I had my Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Business Administration at Yaba College of Technology (YCT). After completing my OND, I went to the University of Abuja for my BSC. I studied Sociology.

While studying at YCT, I was a graphic artist till my laptop was stolen. At the University of Abuja, I ventured into DJing.

So, I have had a mix from here and there aside from what I studied in school.

Ogefash: NYSC?

Bolaji Hassan:  Yes! I served in one of the North Central States in Nigeria, Nassarawa, Akwanga.

Ogefash: You have always loved to act, why didn’t you study

theatre art? Why sociology and Business Administration?

Bolaji Hassan: Back then, I just wanted to get into the university by all means like my friends. If there was a course like “Basketweaving,” I’m very sure I would have picked it in jamb

Ogefash: Lol. 

Ogefash: A lot of Nigerian entertainers, musicians in particular, except Davido though always come up with stories of how broke they were before they got their breakthrough. Would you say you have a similar story? 

Bolaji Hassan: I have had my share of ups and downs. It’s been from one hustle to the other. I’m not where I want to be yet, but every morning when I wake up, I thank GOD for bringing me a step closer.

Ogefash: Can you tell us how you started directing videos?

Bolaji Hassan: While I was growing up, my brother and I made a movie with our dad’s old camera, and I was proud of what I did since I was the director. I showed it to my mum. Unfortunately for us, we had recorded the video on one of our mum’s favorite Indian films. Unknowingly, we had destroyed our mum’s favorite Indian film. I was just 9 then, it was just for fun.

Film making however became a passion for me while studying at the University of Abuja.

My career as a film-maker started fully when my DJ crew and I were DJing at a wedding. The Videographer didn’t show up. The groom had a good camera. He walked up to me and my crew and asked if anyone could operate his camera. I volunteered and did a great job. And that was the beginning of my journey into film-making. Professionally, I started in 2013.

Ogefash: How did you improve on yourself?

Bolaji Hassan: I get to take a few courses online. YouTube was also a game-changer not just for me but for a lot of

filmmakers. I still learn. The learning never stops

Ogefash: What comes to your mind when you focus your camera on the subject or object?

Bolaji Hassan: My phone should ring and I should hear something like “Hello is this Bolaji Hassan? We

are calling you from Netflix.” Lol! Did I just drift?

Ogefash: Yes! So, I learned you just got married, care to let us into her world?

Bolaji Hassan: Let me just say she is the best partner any man could ever wish for.

Ogefash: What would you say has changed about you after you got married?

Bolaji Hassan: I added weight. Now, I have to take permission before staying out late just like when I was under 18.

Ogefash: So there is this rumor flying around that you dumped video directing for a famous real estate firm, ADRON Homes. How true is this?

Bolaji Hassan: I would not say I dumped video directing or switched jobs. What I do at ADRON homes is still video directing. I shoot and direct most of ADRON Homes TV commercials.

I’ll say I got the opportunity to do what I love to do all the time for a leading real estate development Pan-African Company and still get paid.

Ogefash: Don’t you think people would say it’s because you are not independently sufficient? 

Bolaji Hassan: People will always talk

Ogefash: What department are you in, and what’s your experience so far since you started working with ADRON Homes?

Bolaji Hassan: Head of Productions, Media Department. It has been good so far. I love and enjoy the fact that I can also sell properties and make money on the side while shooting adverts and shooting movies.

Ogefash: Can you share some of your works with us? Which would you say was the best for you?

Bolaji Hassan: In the last 4 years I have been working on TV Commercials, but I’ll be dropping a few short films this year.

Ogefash: What can make someone give up on a dream career and opt for another, especially an unrelated one?

Bolaji Hassan: The only reason I think anyone would give up on a dream career is when it’s not paying the bills yet. I don’t think they give up, I think it’s usually a tactical pause.

Ogefash: How do you go about sponsors for your project, is it always easy?

Bolaji Hassan: When you invest in yourself, sponsors will come. It’s not always easy but it’s not hard when you have stuff available on the ground to offer.

Ogefash: What do you wish you had known or done differently in the past five years?

Bolaji Hassan: Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration!!! This is something I wish I had started doing 5 years ago. It is something I desire to strengthen in the next 5


Ogefash: Bolaji Hassan in the next five years?

Bolaji Hassan: Hopefully, Bolaji Hassan will become a household name with hard work, prayers, and God by my side.

Ogefash: What does a workday look like for you? 

Bolaji Hassan: Ordinarily because I do the same thing almost every day, I task myself with something new every day so my job doesn’t get monotonous.

Ogefash: You seem like a busy man, do you have free time at all? How do you unwind?

Bolaji Hassan: I try to create time to unwind, but it’s not easy considering that my job doesn’t recognize weekends or public holidays.

Ogefash: Can you tell us the naughty side of Bolaji Hassan? Do you smoke or drink?

Bolaji Hassan: I don’t smoke. I drink a little (a few drops). I am seriously considering stopping.

Ogefash: How do you balance family with your career seeing how much outdoor your job requires you to be?

Bolaji Hassan: it’s not always easy balancing family and career in our line of business but the first step is always finding the right partner who will understand the nature of your job. I am glad I found her.

Ogefash: If you were the president for one day, what would you do differently?

Bolaji Hassan: I will love my people, because, we lack love from our leaders.

Ogefash: Advice to suicide attempters?

Bolaji Hassan: This life is sweet, why would anyone attempt suicide?

Ogefash: Advice to upcoming directors

Bolaji Hassan: To upcoming directors, the best time to take on that project is now, if you wait till everything is set, you might end up not doing anything.

Ogefash: How can you be contacted?

Bolaji Hassan: You can contact me via the following means:

Facebook: Bolaji Hassan

Instagram: @that_bolaji_boy

LinkedIn: Bolaji Hassan

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