Mabel “About Last Night,” Album Tracklist

“About Last Night,” is an album by an English-Swedish singer and songwriter, Mabel Alabama-Pearl McVey. The album which is the second would be released on 15 July 2022 by Polydor Records. 

Here is the About Last Night Tracklist by Mabel

  1. About Last Night (Intro)
  2. Animal
  3. Let Them Know
  4. Shy
  5. Definition
  6. Good Luck
  7. Take Your Name (Interlude)
  8. Let Love Go
  9. Overthinking
  10. Crying On The Dance Floor
  11. I Love Your Girl
  12. When The Party’s Over
  13. Lol

Have you listened to any trach? Feel free to share your thought on the song with other readers. Thanks

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