(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: Game of Love starring Ray Emodi, Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu, Justice Slik, Ebube Nwaguru, Ekene Nnamani 

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What is the movie “Game of Love” about?

Two close friends, Martins (Acted by Ray Emodi) and Femi (Justice Slik) are running a tailoring business together.

Femi is a paly-boy, sleeps with different women, and dumps them after s-x. Meanwhile, Martins is a good guy. He is searching for a woman who will love him truly. Femi tells him to stop looking for love, but to start sleeping with and dumping girls just like him. Martins however is not interested in that lifestyle.

One day, Martins finally finds love with one of his customers Belinda (Acted by Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu).

Martins and Belinda start a relationship and fall deeply in love with each other. Whereas, Belinda is married to an abusive man, but keeps that away from Martins because of the fear that he may end the relationship, which she doesn’t want to happen.

One day, Martins discovers that she is married and all hell is let loose.

What do you think will happen next? Will Martins continue the relationship with Belinda? Find out here-


Ray Emodi acted as Martins; Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu acted as Belinda; Justice Slik acted as Femi; Ebube Nwaguru acted as Winifred; Ijeoma Nnanna Ale acted as Lucy; Ekene Nnamani acted as Leonaro; Lydia Usang acted as Lisa; Michael Gani acted as Barman; Jennife Onyeaju acted as Lady 1; Esther acted as Lady 2


Story/Screenplay: Damilola Feyisayo

Producer: Uche Nancy

Executive producer: Chukwudebelu Augustus

Director: Chijioke Okeke Oguno

BM (Bizzy Mind) Studio

Country: Nigeria

Year: 2022

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