(+Full Cast) Synopsis to the movie Survive or Die.

what is the movie survive or die about?
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What is the drive behind the production of the movie “Survive or Die”

Over 65 million people are displaced across the globe. Many are trapped in wastelands and deathlands. Many more have drowned in the sea while fleeing conflict zones. This film is based on real-life stories and events. Some scenes were fictionalized for dramatic purposes.

What is the movie Survive or Die all about?

This Australian action movie is a story on survival. It tells the story of a group of people fleeing their homelands to a new land, Australia, on a refugee boat based on the civil war, hunger, and hardship in their zone.

In the refugee boat is a 16-year-old girl, Shade (Acted by Hawa Barnes), fleeing her country due to civil war, which led to the death of her father (Acted by Frank Artus) and sister- Oge (Acted by Oge Daniella Obiokolie )

Sade and other refugees are in the boat alongside the people smuggling the ring’s captain. Unfortunately, the captain (Acted by Felino Dolloso), the refugees paid 10000 dollars to take them to Australia, cannot locate the correct route. Hence, they become lost in the middle of the sea.

The refugees soon started dying as they had no energy to carry on the journey. They had exhausted their food, water, and fuel.

The surviving refugees find a way to get to a deserted part of Australia. The tussle for survival continues. Shade alongside other refugees must fight to survive.

Will Shade make it through?

Cast and crew of Survive or Die

Felino Dolloso acted as the captain, Hawa Barnes acted as Shade, Rico Banderas acted as Roju, Sarina Sainju acted as Maya, Ali Pana acted as Ahmed, Craig Bourke acted as Farmer, Troy Furner acted as Farmer’s son, Wanyika Mshila acted as First Mate, Harpreet Dhanja acted as First Mate, Frank Artus acted as Shade’s father, Oge Daniella Obiokolie acted as Oge/Shade’s sister, Fred Hama acted as Reporter, Robin Royce Queree acted as minister, Caroline Mcquade acted as Catherine, Zanetha Okodua acted as Younger Shade, Tino Iheme acted as Refugee 1, Habiba Gwonya acted as Refugee 2, Shayam Sainju acted as Refugee 3, Kevin Hannibal acted as Refugee 4, David Chol acted as Refugee 5, Edgar Zinganya acted as Rebel Commander, Victor Inyang acted as Rebel 1, Abdulai Komeh acted as Rebel 2

Guest appearance: Emmanuella Samuel

Director: Daniel Okoduwa, Mike Kang

Producer/Writer: Daniel Okoduwa

Co-producer/Co Writer: Mike Kang

Associate Producer: Esther Hinga

Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes

Country: Australia

Year: 2018

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