(+Full Cast) Synopsis to the movie Clown Doll

synopsis to the movie clown doll
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What is the movie Clown Doll all about?

The violence-themed movie is about a supernatural clown doll (Acted by Hannah Rogers) with a violent spirit that people are fascinated about, oblivious of its vicious nature.

The clown doll always finds a way to move from one house to another after committing havoc; kills smoothly with no evidence indicating him as the culprit.

One day, the Clown Doll kills Scott (Acted by Peter Cosgrove) and Polly (Yvonne Wan), who were planning to eliminate it after discovering it is behind a series of gruesome deaths of their families and friends.

After killing Scott and Polly, it finds a way to relocate itself to a new shop as a new arrival.

The outward appearance of the Clown Doll fascinated pregnant Lane (Sarah T. Cohen), who instantly purchased the Clown Doll.

As soon as the doll enters her house, Lane’s families and friends start disappearing mysteriously. Lane is unaware that they have all been killed by the Clown Doll.

Lane soon starts having strange and creepy feelings around the doll and starts observing it.

In her observation, she finally discovers that the Clown Doll is evil and is the one behind the deaths of her family and friends. She springs into action with the intention of getting rid of the Clown Doll, but the doll kills more people, leaving her surrounded with dead bodies. In the whole bloody dilemma, Lane manages to give birth. Lane grabs the personal weapon the Clown Doll has been using to kill people. She attempts using it on the doll when when police surround her house.

It dawns on her that it is her fingerprints that is on the weapon which makes her culpable for all killings done by the heinous Clown Doll.

Cast and crew for the movie Clown Doll

Hannah Rogers acted as Clown Doll, Sarah T. Cohen acted as Lane, Cassandra French acted as Judy, Kate Miner-Evans acted as Dee, Kelly Juvilee acted as Lisa, Mark Sears acted as Carl, Tommy Viles acted as the voice of Daniel. Jon Scott Clark acted as John, Carmila Cordelia acted as Jamie, Yvonne Wan acted as Polly, Kate lush acted as Kate, Peter Cosgrove acted as Scott, Mike Kelson acted as Policeman.

Screenplay: Scott Jeffrey

Written/Directed by Scott Jeffrey

Producer: Scott Jeffrey/Rebecca Matthews

Music: Lee Oliver Hall

Cinematography: Ben Collins.

An Indie horror movie

Year: 2019

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