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synopsis and what the african movie oosa labake is about
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Oosa Labake in the context of this movie means Deity. It is a deity of a particular region where some people are opportune to tell the deity what they desire and the deity grants their heart desires.

In this movie, a certain beautiful lady, Sile (Acted by Ireti Osayemi) falls in love with a poor guy, Lawal (Acted by Taiwo Ibikunle). 

One day, Sile introduces Lawal to her mother, (Acted by Peju Ogunmola). After seeing Lawal’s poor condition, Sile’s mother decides to help Lawal become rich. She takes both Lawal and her daughter, Sile to Oosa Labake (The Deity) for blessings; the deity is under the custody of the head of the family/Olori Ebi (Acted by Saliu Gbolagade).

At the shrine, Oosa Labake is ready to bless Lawal immensely, but his wife-to-be, Sile must ask for one thing she desires from him before Lawal is blessed by the deity.

Sile requests that Lawal should not marry another wife, or have a child from another woman. Lawal was infuriated at the cheap request as he believes he can never cheat on her. He even places a big curse on himself and his entire labor if he ever goes against her wish.

Some months after, Lawal and his wife are rich and are blessed with two beautiful daughters. They set up branches outside Lagos, and soon, Lawal starts cheating on his wife.

Lawal forgets about his oath with his wife and the curse he had placed on himself in front of the deity that evil should befall him if betrays her and that the deity should destroy all his things. He impregnates another lady who also bears him a female child.

This of course does not go down well with Sile as she started resenting the husband. In Sile’s anger and resentment, all their years of labor begin to vanish and they become poor to the extent that they are unable to feed their children.

The only way to restoration is if Sile forgives Lawal and goes to the deity to pray for him. But Sile is not ready to do that. She prefers that they die in poverty due to Lawal’s betrayal.

Lawal begs the wife for forgiveness, but she is still unwilling to forgive him. She had rather let them suffer in penury than forgive him, and he becomes wealthy again only to continue cheating on her.

Sile lived with Lawal in anger, hatred, and penury for years. Sile starts turning into an enemy anyone who pleads that she forgives her husband. When her bosom friend Motunrola (Acted by Abiodun Okeowo) intervened, she stops being friends with her.

Motunrayo seeing how Sile’s children were deeply affected by their mum’s refusal to forgive their dad meets with Sile’s mum and tells her of her intention to train the children. Motunrayo takes the children to her house and sends them to school with her money.

Years after, the children have grown up, and they are unable to secure good jobs. They however discover that their mum’s refusal to forgive and pray for their dad is what is causing it. The children go and meet their mum and plead that she should forgive their father.

Do you think she would listen to the children after turning down the several pleas of her mother and even fighting her friend on the issue?

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My Observation

I really love this movie. I know 100 percent of women will like this movie too. But I am not certain 100 percent of men will like it. Some men always like to get away with their adultery or justify their unfaithfulness to their spouse.

Oosa Labake movie is a lesson to those men who betray their wifes or women once they start making money. 

However, I am wondering, the 15 years after, how were they surviving since money was not coming in?

Since they lived in bitterness, does that mean they were not intimate for 15 years? Wow

If you have watched this movie, feel free to share your thought on it.

Meanwhile, Sile (Acted by Ireti Osayemi) really interpreted her role exceptionally; like someone who has experienced such or has someone that has experienced the same. The actors interpreted their roles well and were on top of their game.

Cast and crew for the movie Oosa Labake

Peju Ogunmola acted as Sile’s mum, Ireti Osayemi acted as Sile, Taiwo Ibikunle acted as Lawal, Abiodun Okeowo acted as Motunrola, Saliu Gbolagade acted as Olori ebi, Kayode Akindina acted as Lawal’s Brother, Ajoke Salam acted as Ajoke, Lola Aromashodun 

acted as Lola, Saheed Lawal acted as Bakery Worker, Aramide Ottun- Lawal 2nd Wife, Blessing Okoye acted as Bakery Worker,

Story– Olaide Olabanji

Written/Produced/Directed by Olaide Olabanji (Lai Ban)

Film Edited by Tunde Ibikunle

Movie parts: 1 and 2

Duration: 1 hour 9 minutes, 59 minutes

Country: Nigeria

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