Eight (8) signs that he is enticing you to get you into his bed (Ladies, beware of no. 1)

eight signs that he is enticing you into his bed
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You may or may not know that a guy finds you sexually appealing, but that doesn’t mean he loves you. All he wants is to get you into his bed, and if his word-of-mouth is not helping, he will entice you through one or all of the following ways:

1. Flaunt bundles of CASH

Flaunting cash is the most common way a guy uses to entice a lady. He will flaunt bundles of Naira (It may even be dollars) in higher denominations (not N20, N50, N100, or N200)but N500 and most likely N1000 anywhere that you can easily sight them in his house. He would even leave his door ajar for you to think that it doesn’t matter even if someone steals the money; he makes it look like it’s no big deal if the money is stolen since he still has a lot in his account.

2. Sex talks

Another method to get you into his bed is to fill your ears with sexual talks. The reason behind this method is to arouse you and make you give in. He will share his personal sex stories with other ladies with you. Also, he will fill your ears with movies, books and songs that are about sex.

3. Extravagant

He is always extravagant when buying anything; it’s just a show-off to weaken you and get you into his bed. He likes to show you that he had rather spend a lot of cash to buy food outside rather than make use of his kitchen. He hardly does any house chores; he would wait for you to come around so you can see him pay people to do the chores for him.

4. Body flaunting

He likes to flaunt his body even if he doesn’t have six-packs. He would wear clothes in your presence and also take them off in your presence.

5. Generosity

He would show off and talk about his generosity to others. You would hear words like, “even though, I am not dating her, I still bought those things for her.”

6. Pride

He is always full of pride. Take note of his typical lines-” I bought, I am, I paid, I will, I own….”

7. Detached

He would always act indifferent to you so you can worry and feel guilty. He wants you to think something is wrong with you for not giving in yet to his tricks.

He wants you to think he doesn’t care if you give in or not. It is just another format to make you fall into his arms and then into his bed.

8. Plays sex songs/movies

He already knows the time you usually visit him; that’s the time he will remember his erotic playlist.

His playlist will be so erotic and capable of stimulating sexual desire in you. Imagine you visit him, and he keeps replaying “Bounce” by Ruger and Midas the Jagaban; honestly, there is no way you will listen to that type of song and not be stimulated to have sex, even if you have been trying to stay away from sex.

So, my advice, when you visit such a guy, and he is playing such a song, you better bounce out quickly, or you may find yourself bouncing your body on him.

Also, when you notice all those points mentioned above in a guy, know that he is trying to entice you into his bed.

Culled from: Ogefash Photoblog, Image source: Shutterstock

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