(Spotlight) Ogefash interview with the Assistant Headteacher of Kerith Brook School: Mrs. Opako “The ability to resolve parents issues gives us an edge!”

There are three types of learners; slow learners, fast learners/ high flyers, and those coming up. If a child doesn’t understand, we don’t move to the next stage till the child understands it.

In essence, we don’t introduce a new topic to them till the child understands. Our motto is “No child is left out.”

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(Spotlight) Ogefash interview with Kerith Brook School Secretary: Ms. Faith Otete Isoken “A school capable of bringing positive changes to children!”

The purpose of establishing the school is to savage the Christian school. The school is owned by a church; The New Heritage Baptist Church (NHBC). The fact that it is owned by a church doesn’t mean the school is for Christians alone. It is for all religions.

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